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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mary Ann... How to do a champagne smokey eye shadow look

Hello Mary Ann and Hello Everyone!!!! I loved how this look makes beautiful eyes bright and highlighted. Mary Ann came into see me to learn a new semi dramatic night look. Her makeup was already beautiful. With a few of my tricks we accomplished a brand new look to make her eyes shine and get noticed! Wherever she goes! Here is Mary Ann below with one eye only done! Notice on the left how you look at the eye lid and eye color first! On the right I look more at the naturally highlighted brow bone! So here is how you bring the attention back to those eyelids!!!
Products needed to get Mary Ann's look:
Eye Base: Blanc Khol liner
Shadows: Filigree (lid and highlight), Sew Elegant (crease), Vintage (outer crease), Volcano (liner)
Liner: Black Coffee Khol Pencil, Aubergine Artliner
Brushes: 18 dual end (lid and liner), 17 blending (crease and highlight)
Mascara: L'extreme (lower lashes), Oscillation Intensity (top lashes)

Mary Ann thanks for being my beautiful canvas! It looks amazing and many will agree I'm sure. I can't wait to meet you again and create another look for your beautiful eyes!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

4TH of JULY MakeUp... Show them youre a firework!

The 4th of July is coming up everyone and that means Ill be in Utah watching the parade and fireworks eating way too much at family picnics! It's my favorite summer thing to do. My Family is the BEST!

My Model Neomi and I wanted to show a great look you can do for the 4th... this look can be worn with a soft natural lip... or if you are bold a beautiful RED Lip would be HOT!

Here are the poducts below to get the 4th of July look on the eyes! Use Blanc on the entire eye lid and set with Filigree and brush # 18 as your all over shadow. Contour with Vintage shadow using brush number 17. Line the lower lash line with Vintage shadow and brush # 18. Line the top lash line with Royal Blue Artliner and set with shadow All Done Up using brush # 18. Build up your lashes with the new Oscillation Intnsity Mascara!

The outfit is perfect Noemi, Thanks for modeling my look! I hope your 4th... as well as everyone eles who reads this has some great summer fun this 4th of July! XO DARAIS

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Darais MakeUp on Paige... How to do a soft brown simple eye shadow look.

Hello everyone... Meet Piage... mom of two who wants to look hot while cleaning the house! I love it! We came up toghether with a soft brown sparkle eye using really only one eye shadow for the lid and one for the highlight. Mr. Clean is going to love it!!! Below you can see how simple the look is but how the eye looks lifted, more awake, and some great concentration on her lash line! love what it does for your eye color too Paige! You are an awesome mom! Remember how you can limit your eye shadows to one or two (just like your kids) ha ha .... especially if you are running short on time in the morning. Don't forget that bronzer makes a geat eye shadow for the contour of the eye!
To get Paige's look Poducts used are:
Eye Base: Camee Effacernes Waterproof concealer
Eye Shadows: Mannequin (lid), Gaze (highlight)
Liners: Prune Waterproof eye Pencil, Taupe Brow Pencil
Bronzer: Natural Suntan (crease and contour)
Blush: Miel Glace (crease and apple of cheeks)
Brushes: 18 dual end (lid), 17 blending (crease and highlight)
Mascara: Oscilation Intensity
Thanks Paige for keeping it real, keeping it simple and being a joy to not only paint but in the lives you influence! Love this soft simple look on you.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fe... How to do a dark sparkle brown eye shadow

Hello Everyone! Meet the Beautiful Fe! I met her in Montclair California... real close to where my Grandfather went to art school. We had such a good time opening up her eyes and creating a dramatic look for both day or night. I loved how the brown metallic shadow showed of her eyes and also brought her hair color into the look.

Here is Fe with one eye only! I love how even lining the inner rim of the eye... the eye still looks bigger!
To get this look like Fe the products used were:
Eye Base: Aquatique Nude Eye Base
Liner: Black Coffee Eye Khol Pencil, Noir Artliner
Shadows: Kitten Heel (highlight), Click (crease), Impress (lid), Guest List (liner set and brow)
Brushes: 17 (highlight and crease), 18 dual end (lid and liner)
Mascara: Hypnose Drama

Thanks so much again Fe for sharing your look with everyone on here. I hope you got lots of great beautiful compliments at church. Keep up that great smile and making others feel good!

Monday, June 20, 2011

"TEEN" MAKEOVER with Megan Krizmanich... My Beautiful Canvas

I met Megan Krizmanich from the movie "American Teen" at Kim Vo's Salon in Beverly Hills getting ready for the 08 Teen Choice Awards. She was sweet, kind, down to earth and a lot of fun to paint! From Indiana I had a blast getting to know her and also what the movie has brought into her life.

To get a similar look follow my beauty of the week:

I had a blast creating a Lancome Red Carpet Ready complete face and scent for Megan. It turned out drop dead gorgeous! Glad you had a great time... looking great!
Here is a video of the entire transformation!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


So today I reached 25,000 Views! Holy Cow!!! Thanks So Much all you beautiful people for following along with me in my adventures in makeup and my Morning Makeup Call Blog!

To Celebrate I am giving away a full size Deluxe Brush Set to 2 lucky people, who get these 10 questions right, and emailed back to me at:

If you get all 10 questions right your name will be entered into the drawing. 2 names will WIN!!! Don't forget to include your mailing address with your answers!

All 10 answers are somewhere within my blog!

Good Luck!!!


1. Who inspired me to paint faces?

2. Which celebrity of mine said, " If you wear Eye lashes... you will be famous"?

3. Who was the 15 year old prom queen that changed my life forever?

4.Who's mom was it that I glued one of her eyes closed... the first time I ever applied false eyelashes?

5. Makeup 411 featured the makeup I did on this actress?

6. Eye color is genetic and depends on the amount of _______ or _______ found in the iris.

7. My first Disney Music Video was for this movie?

8. Which celebrity of mine tapped her black coffee eye liner to her mirror in her dressing room after each use?

9. Which Beauty of the Week of mine was originally from Chicago?

10. I talk more about this ... than about myself?

hint... there is a search box on my blog!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIPEOUT on ABC... With Host Jill Wagner... my Canvas

darais and jill

When my best friend Jill Wagner booked the hosting job on ABC's WIPEOUT I knew it wouldn't be long that I was on set getting in trouble, and getting muddy, with her. In June of 08 I got to do her Makeup and Hair for the show due to her regular artist Mary wasn't available. I had so much fun... got muddy... and made some memories! Whenever I get the lucky chance to work with the most beautiful Jill I try to bring out how gorgeous she is with as little product as possible. Especially when it's for a High Definition show like Wipeout. Jill doesn't need any makeup for me to think of her as gorgeous... Trust me... I've woke up several times with her on trips, jumped of waterfalls in Maui, laughed and cried all of her mascara off, and seen her still have a personality and appearance of beauty that is beyond anything that my brush strokes could enhance. What I say you can learn from this... Don't over do it. Choose what your best features are and play them up in such a subtle way, that no one knows you do it! I love our youtube video we did for my niece Lexie... Check it out! I loved every time I was with you on set!

Thanks Jill for being my Craziest and Best friend I got... I know you just wrapped your last episode of WIPEOUT! I only watched it because of you... and how you would make me laugh... make my family laugh, especially my nephews... and also the world. Don't fall asleep on me...

...and don't eat my brains for supper!!!

HA HA HA (evil laugh) xo DARAIS

Thursday, June 2, 2011

ROSE McGOWAN... My Beautiful Canvas... By Darais

One of my favorite girls ever is Rose McGowan. In March 08 she was attending P. S. Arts Bag Lunch... a charity that Lancome is involved in that puts Art back into the Public Schools. I have loved Rose long before her acting working under the great Quinton Taratino. His films are some of my favorite. Her fair beauty is one I have always admired. She knows exactly what she makes her look her best and has such a great knowledge about cosmetics. We both share the same belief that concealer makes someone look older... also powder under the eyes! I loved going to her home and painting her face for this event.

I kept her look extremely simple and polished. Her skin is so fair she was surprised I had a shade to match her... I used the lightest cool shade Lancome made in Color Ideal Foundation and used no powder to set it. Her eye shadows where variations of soft skin tones and her top liner was a Black Coffee Kohl liner set with a deep Brown shadow with an angle brush to give a softer alternative to a liquid.

I had just returned from Hawaii with a great tan... Thanks Rose for making me look even darker! You are gorgeous and I love every time I work with you.

At the event I was able to spend time with some of my favorite girls! Kristen Davis, Kerry Washington, and Lori Laughlin. We talked makeup... I gave Kristen her annual Spring Fling Juicy Tube... and soaked my feet in the fountain with Kerry! Also was able to have one of my freelance artist paint Lori's face for the event. Maria... She looked great! I will never forget running around making people dizzy with Kristen as we scrambled for the best Lancome filled hand bag to purchase for charity... Anything that puts art back into the public schools is worth it! Thanks everyone for the amazing event!