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Friday, April 22, 2011

Adrienne... How to do a Tropical Summer eye using Gold and Pink with a cool Blue Green DARAIS

Everyone meet my Morning MakeUp Call Beauty of the Week Adrienne!!! Adrienne is a makeup artist and I wanted to show her some fun ways to wear different colors and products within the Lancome brand! As makeup artists it's fun but also a challenge to come up with colors that are over the top! Blended and bright! Beautiful! I showed her what I call my summer mango look... with a really cool liner as well! Below is the look on Adrienne's one eye only! I love mixing gold and pink together on the eyes... and that green blue liner is intense!

Adrienne's Advice I loved... Don't be afraid to try color... You don't have to do this much... but if you can... Trust me... Everyone is going to be asking you to do their makeup! Maybe that's not such a good thing... ha ha

The Products you will need to get this look:

Concealer and Eye Base: Effacernes Bronze IV

Lipstick on lid: Groupie

Lip Liner in crease: Sheer Raspberry

Eye Shadows: 24 Karat (lid), Kitten Heel (highlight), Makeover (crease and inner corner of eye), Fashion Forward (inner eye inside rim liner), All Done Up (outer eye inside rim liner)
Blush: Shimmer Pink Pool

Brushes: 18 dual end( lid and liner) 17 blending (highlight and crease)
Liners: Black Lapis Khol Pencil (lower inside), Artliner Noir (top)

Mascara: Cils Booster XL Base, Hypnose Drama

Love that MakeUp is your Crime Adrienne! You are a beautiful tropical mango now! I'm glad you love it!



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  1. Your blog is just amazing - it transfers so much of your energy that I almost feel like I met you :) And you are a wonderful human being! Excuse my poor english but I just had to share this with you :) Much love - Milena