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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jill Wagner Photo Shoot with Darais

Jill Wagner Actress, Host, Hot, and Best Friend was putting together her official web page so we decided to have a photo shoot!!! We used a dress she wore when she was on Blade on Spike TV. It turned out to be quite the fun day of shooting and acting crazy... something we do together all too good! Photographer was good friend the talented ELeon Myers. I love the video below when Jill realized it wasn't a picture but a video!
You can check out Jill's Web page at:
We started to play around with some of Jerell Scott's Fashion. This jacket he let her shoot in was amazing... I wanted it!
This Pop Mode look I was inspired by the 60's in Black and White. Jill and I made up a song while driving home from E Leon's Studio about this look. We still sing it too much... something to do with balls on her eye lashes and balls on her checks!
Love you so much Jill... You are Gorgeous... and not just because you are my very best friend I got! All product used on all the looks was Lancome Cosmetics. Thanks Lancome!
Hilarious Video!!! to run and look hot doing it!


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