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Thursday, July 28, 2011

2009 Golden Globes and Darais Live on the Red Carpet for the E Channel

One of my Favorite quotes I have ever said on TV while on the Red Carpet... "This isn't Prom... This is the Golden Globes! Don't Match your Eye Shadow to your Dress!!!"

The "E" Channel asked me to do a beauty makeover segment live on the Red Carpet. The concept? Grab a "plain Jane" girl in the crowd watching the arrivals, sweep her away for a quick Celebrity experience makeover, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. The Transformation was filmed live. Everyone at home got to watch as we turned this Jane into a Red Carpet Leading Lady decked head to toe in Hair, Makeup, Diamonds, Gown, and Heels!

I matched the smokey contoured eye with the platinum set diamonds that adorned her neck and ears! I perfected my "Plastic Cheek" for the camera and demonstrated the trendy caramelized peach lip color!

In all had a blast doing what I love to do most. I always enjoy being with the "E" Channel family. Especially when it comes to Award Show Season!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DARAIS Top 2 Skincare Products!!! With Beauty of the Week Jan telling what Genifique did for her skin in 2 weeks!!!

I wanted to share with all of you my top 2 Skincare Products! Genifique and the new Visionnaire. The most bang for your buck... and also what will get results and compliments extremely fast! I use them both every day and have never been happier with my own skin!

Its no wonder that award winning Genifique was on the Today show this morning as one of the top pics from Shape Magazine for Skincare products that actually work.

And that 1 in 2 women decided to postpone a cosmetic procedure after using Visionnaire after 4 weeks.

I wanted to share with all of you who aren't on board with their skincare the results and research that went into these two products... the results YOU can expect... and also the results from one of my beauty of the weeks. Jan below summed it up for me in the video.
Jan McKay, Thanks for coming in to see my team and I. Your personal quality of leadership in whatever you do shows, in Beauty, in Business, and in day to day life! Everyone Jan does great Consulting and Outsourcing Solutions for Nonprofit Destinations. You can reach her at:


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Saffron Burrows... My Beautiful Canvas

People often ask me who is the most beautiful Celebrity I have worked on. Saffron Burrows would be in my top 5.
I found my mind in high speed, as I would stare at her perfect big eyes as to what I could do with them. Then in frustration be diverted by her check bones that sat high up on her beautiful oval face shape. Next her perfectly wide lips took over my thought process and I sat there scratching my head trying to figure out what to focus on first while in her Los Angeles flat. She thankfully gave me time to think about it over cheese and olives and crackers as I got to know her first before getting her ready for an event.
She was in the TV Series, at the time, My Own Worst Enemy. I fell in love with her in Troy first! She really needs very little makeup to show off what power she obtains in her appearance. Pure Ascendancy over others when out, standing 5 foot 11 inches barefoot! WOW!!!! kind of sums up Saffron.... especially wearing heels! Yep...I'm in Love!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Darais on TV GUIDE's The Fashion Team recreating the look he did for Ashley Greene for the TWILIGHT World Premiere

I knew that Twilight was going to be as big as it was... mainly just from meeting Ashley Greene for the first time for a TV Guide interview in Hollywood. I could see the definite look in her beautiful gaze! I was able to do makeup for the entire cast as they were interviewed about the upcoming movie at the TV Guide Studios. Below is when Ashley and I became friends which led her to choose me to be her makeup artist for the World Premiere.

Here is a post I did on Ashley's complete look and matching your shadows with metal colors!
TV Guide VIDEO on recreating the look! not too bad for being sick! ;)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ellen Page... My Beautiful Canvas

Besides her simple beauty, her undercover pleasing to the mind or senses, and her dynamic reasoning power, Ellen Page won me over again getting her ready for the Premiere of Defiance. It was the second time I had worked with her, the first being at the Sundance Film Festival for Juno and what I loved about my time with her this time was the first thing she said to me:
"Can you like get it done in maybe umm 20 minutes... cool!"
Most people freak out about every little detail... including me the perfectionist... and sometimes what should only take 20 minutes can end up taking over an hour. Thanks Ellen for keeping it genuine.

Beauty Addict Blog, one of my favorites, wrote about my experience with Ellen and said: "Ellen Page has definitely been looking more polished these days! But what I like most about this red carpet look is that she still looks like...well, Ellen Page. Not too done up, just relaxed and natural, but still polished.

Lancome National Makeup Artist Darais created Ellen's Defiance premiere look and used that new mascara that's been all over the blogs and magazines. Oscillation? Perhaps you've heard of it?

Darais says, “the look was simple and elegant with a focus on the eyes. Blending silver and brown shadows and using the smallest amount of liquid liner, I created a semi intense smoky eye and used new Lancôme Ôscillation Mascara which allowed her already gorgeous lashes to really stand out. Using a liquid highlighter and blush, I illuminated her skin in a sheer radiant veil."

As for the lips, Darais used one of my favorite tricks: filling in the lip with pencil and then coating with gloss. "I created a soft lip using a creamy lip coloring stick and a gold gloss," he said.

Recreate Ellen's red carpet look with these products:

•Lancôme Ôscillation Mascara
•Lancôme Color Design eye shadows in Honeymoon, Waif, Optic, and Couture
•shu uemura Liquid eye liner in Black
•Lancôme Le Lipstique Sheer Pencil in Sheer Natural
•YSL Lipgloss Golden Gloss No.1"

PEOPLE.COM not only showed off Ellen's Makeup in People magazine but also posted a how to at this link below:,,20234163_20543910,00.html
Here's what they wrote:
Lancome makeup artist Darais got Page red-carpet-ready in under 20 minutes for the Defiance premiere.

How to Do It
1. Apply Bienfait Multi-Vital Glow with fingertips over face.
2. Brush a touch of Aquatique Nude shadow base from lash to crease.
3. Follow with Le Khol in Black Coffee to top lash line and smudge.
4. Finish with Oscillation vibrating mascara.

Full page write up on how to Master Fall's Matte Mouth in Cosmopolitan! My featured tips are below!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Jill Wagner MOVES Magazine photo shoot... My Canvas

Everyone who knows me knows that Jill Wagner is my best friend. Whenever I feel myself getting lost in Los Angeles I know that it is one of her and my Adventures that will get me back to where I need to be. I got the opportunity to go to her home town Winston/Salem North Carolina and be with her for a photo shoot in the Magazine MOVES.

I've never had so much fun finding out what makes Jill Wagner the person I love so much. Form Grandma's cake, Dad's Moon Shine, the neighbors Donkey, caterpillars and the mushroom forest (no we didn't do mushrooms ha ha) I will never forget spending some time with her at home. Jill... Home is wherever I'm with you! and it was literally true this time. Thanks Sweet Pea!

All products I used on Jill Wagner were by: Lancome
Thanks Lancome :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beauty of the Week Gracie! How to do 2 eye shadows... To look Cute... for Cade... and Karate!

Everybody Meet my Niece Gracie!!! Whenever I'm not on the road working or in Beverly Hills I'm finding a way to be with all my nieces and nephews as much as possible.

Gracie... like most of you... wants to look cute for a boy... Cade!! My Nephew. But also for some Karate!

Whats great about Gracie's eyes besides her "very long eye lashes" is that she has 2 different colors of eyes... leaving us with more fun cause that means you get to wear 2 different eye shadows!

Hope you love the video!


Sunday, July 3, 2011


Now that we can better understand the color of our eyes...even the color in brown eyes, we can now use eye shadows in complementary color. If you wake up in the morning and want to bring out your own eye color the most use this knowledge. By choosing to wear eye shadows that complement your color, you will bring color dominance and the strongest contrast to your own eye color. Your eye color will literally "POP!"

Knowing complementary color now when you shop for eye shadow will help your eyes get more complements! When it comes to different colors of eye shadow on the eyes, remember, color comes in and out of trend. Too much color is a lot of fun but can easily look outdated or not in trend if captured in a picture. I look back at the 70's and see bright blue everywhere. I look back to the 80's and see pink! I always say when playing it safe, for an everyday look, or photos the soft colors of eye shadows can be used on most part of the eyes where as the darker more dramatic look best more as an eye liner. In pictures blue /navy and violet/plum liners don't really look bright making your photos last forever, but keeping you trendy, and eye complementing, in person!

Look Below for your eye color on the left to find its complementary color on the right!

Gray/Light Blue, Medium Blue and Dark Blue eyes your complementary color is Orange. Does that mean Orange eyeshadow only? NO! Orange pigment is found in so many shades of eye shadow. The lighter the blue the lighter the orange or Peach and Salmon colors. Medium Blue look for Golds and Bronzes. Most browns are made with orange pigments as well giving you many options for eye shadows. Dark Blue eyes I love Ambers and Coppers. Also Dark Brown Shadows that have an orange pigment in them.

Light Green and Dark Green eyes your complementary color is Red. Red Eye shadow is super scary so don't do it. If you have green eyes have you ever noticed how green they look when your eyes are bloodshot? Red pigment makes up so many colors within eye shadows. all shades of Pinks, Mauves, Plums, Roses, Violets, and Oranges all are made with part Red pigment giving you a lot of eye shadows to work with.

Hazel eyes you can follow the complementary color for green eyes to make the green appear stronger, or, follow the brown complementary scheme to bring out either the Yellow/Golds and Orange/Coppers.

Brown eyes your complementary color is either Violet or Blue. If your eyes are Light Brown with lots of Gold and Yellow in them, use Lavendars, Plums, Violets and Crimsons. Dark Violet liner will really make the color pop! Dark Brown eyes with lots of Orange and Copper should be in search of shadows and liners in the Blue colors. Also there are many colors next to blue on the color wheel that are made from Blue pigment.