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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DIRTY BUBBLES Photo Shoot with Photographer E Leon Myers, fashion by Jerell Scott, makeup by: Darais

My Favorite Photo shoot to date has to be this one with Photographer E Leon Myers. We came up with the concept together and with his amazing team and us collaborating the set was made and the bubble machines bought! So glad we got to shoot Jerell Scott's line of clothes! He is my favorite designer. My Model was Bella, BEAUTIFUL and Brazilian! My brother had just gotten back from 2 years in Brazil and came to the shoot and got to speak to Bella in Portuguese! Glad he got to come see me work!
I was able to change the makeup with each outfit. I took inspiration for lip colors from the fashion and the colors found within the fabrics and or accessories!

I even got to do nails for the first time! Not bad for a beginner!

All Face and body makeup used was all Lancome! I wanted to challenge myself and see if as an Artist, I could truly make it work. Like here this lip is Black Ebony Eye Liner with Mercury Rising Red Lip gloss on top... Bella said it wasn't the best tasting!

This lip was Black Lapis eye Liner with eye shadows Montage and Fashion Forward to set the center.

As the photo shoot went on and more and more bubbles were model got more and more dirty! SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL... You can see why this is and will probably forever be my favorite photo shoot! And I got to be a kid with bubbles and dirt all day too!

Here are some shots I got with my own camera!


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dennise... Complete Face and Eye Look... Soft Matte Brown Natural Eye and Smokey Liner.

Everyone meet my Beauty of the Week Dennise!!! Mother of 2 with one on the way! Sound familiar to any of you? Dennise needs simple, fast, and something that can be worn all day and still be on for night without having to change anything! With kids your makeup doesn't have to be nothing... you can still make your eyes pop, look less tired, and make your skin glow. Trust me, with my 2 sisters and their 8 kids between the two of them, I understand what it's like trying to get your makeup on in the morning. Im usually on the speaker phone with them as they rock their look out for the day! I hope this post helps!

Here is the Beautiful Dennise with half of her face done! Usually I do the entire complexion and then just one eye but this time I wanted to show you what a little TLC to your skin can do to your entire all day look! Look at how the skin glows on the right without looking like heavy makeup. I used barely any and not all over the place too. I always say, like in the video, if you have the wrong color you have to put it everywhere. Also look how the eye on the left gets lost because you are more focused on freckles and red cheeks! Also a little natural brow filler can lift the entire side of the face, like on the right! You like? I love... and so does Dennise! My tip of the week this week was all about beautiful girls with freckles!
To get this entire look the products used are:
Bienfait Mulit-vital Teinte SPF30 Sunscreen # 2
Concealer: Camee Macquecomplet
T-Zone Powder: Dual Finish Powder Sand III
Bronzer: Natural Sunkiss
Blush: Miel Glace
Brushes: #2 (Foundation), #6 (Powder, Bronzer, and Blush), #18 dual end, ( lid and liner), #17 blending, (crease and highlight)
Eye shadow Base: Aquatique in Nude
Lipstick: Natural Beauty
Brow Pencil: Sable
Mascara: Hypnose Drama Excessive Black

Here is Dennise with the completed look: Love it Gorgeous mom, it make take a little bit more time than two minutes the first week but with practice I am sure you can have this done in no time!!!

Thanks again Dennise for being such a great mom, a beautiful woman, and my canvas! Cant wait for little Darais to be born! Have fun and I will see you on your vacation soon! Chris might come! ha ha


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

PROENZA SCHOULER Designers and a Nordstrom Guest Appearance with Darais

Proenza Schouler Luxury women's wear and accessories label is based in New York and founded in 2002 by designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez. I love how they used their mothers' maiden names Proenza and Schouler as their name label. They have a relationship with many celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Chloe Sevigny, Kate Bosworth, Kristen Dunst, Julianne Moore and Charlize Theron. At the Oscars this year I was talking to Amy Adams, at the night before party, and I know that they have dressed her in the past for award season. They are loved by all. I was so glad when they paired with Lancome for a special guest appearance at Nordstroms. I was able to go and do the makeup with a couple of my pro team artist's and create a beautiful bold lip look. Working with and meeting them was an amazing day!

This is one of my very favorite ways for a woman to wear a Red Lip. No Lipstick required!!! Red isn't worn very often and probably your red lipstick will expire before you go through it... unless red is your staple lip color. Here I used a red waterproof lip liner in Rougelle and filled in the entire lip. It doesn't bleed, stays on so long, and you can get the most perfect edge to your lip line. Next I applied one of my very favorite sheer red Juicy Tubes in Berry Bold, and or Cherry Burst depending on the models skin tone!

Everything else with the makeup application was kept clean and sculpted with a great couple coats of mascara!


I always teach women that men wear a red tie to business because it is a power thing. Red shows the most power out of any other color! Woman learn from this and when you have something powerful to say or do and need some extra encouragement try this simple red lip! The liner you can use a little or a lot. The red gloss is so sheer you can actually wear it with any lipstick or liner... even a brown neutral one!

Thank you Lancome, Proenza Schuler, Nordstrom, my Pro Artists, and the beautiful Models for an amazing day of Fashion and MakeUp!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Morning MakeUp Call.... On the Road... With some of my Favorite Followers, Trend Show, and the 5 pan palettes!

When I'm out on the road making Special Guest Appearances, I find myself meeting some of the most amazing, beautiful women! About 6,000 a year! That's a whole lot of beauty! I was so glad while in South Coast Plaza at the Macy's when two of my Blog followers showed up to get a new look from my team of artists and I. My schedule is posted always on the right side!

Nancy above and Shirley below are two who came in. I'm so glad I got to show you a trick or two for your eyes! Nancy above wanted a more fancy look! I used the 5 pan palette below in Mauve Cherie. I altered the instructions with the palette to make it not too illuminating on her crease or brow bone. Instead I used her all over base (step 1) on the lid only, The area you can use shimmer/luster at any age. We used Daylight Matte Highlight shadow sold separately for her brow bone highlight. Looks amazing Nancy! Hope you get to try some other color schemes with the same brushes and techniques! Nancy, I know you photograph the beach a lot... here is that blog link I found and told you about... I get very sad if I don't get to the beach once a week and this blog helps when I can't be there:

Shirley I went a little bit more simple with a few custom chosen single eye shadows! We made the lid shine, and look bigger, with my white pencil trick and a shadow called Creme Luster, her browbone and crease were kept matte! Loved how simple this made the eyes pop!

5 pan shadows are a continued success And can be used at every age! There is one pop color that isn't necessary for every day... but makes the center of the lid pop with a twinkle for nighttime! Check out the 10 palettes here! I talked about them at the Trend show in Nordstrom Brea Today! They pretty much sold out! Sorry anyone that didn't get one... They will be re-stocked soon! The video you will want to check out on the 5 steps is:

5 pan palette in Mauve Cherie on Jennifer's Beautiful eyes at the Grove Nordstroms!!!

Top Seller Taupe Crave 5 pan palette is still my very favorite! I wanted you all to see a face chart with some more directions on where each shade can go!

My Model at the Brea Trend Show today was wearing this Taupe Crave look below, and I used the beautiful pink lipstick and pink gloss that is in the Nordstrom Gift with Purchase starting this week!!! Hope you get in to a Nordstrom before it is gone!
I followed the video I made with Nancy and the link above to make the eyes bright! Love this look you can get with Taupe Crave. The liner on the inside of the eye was Black Coffee Khol Pencil set with the darkest shadow in the palette! Skin was perfected with Teint Miracle Foundation (the Julia Roberts one) only $37 in Bisque 1 N. T zone was set with dual finish powder and the checks were contoured using Sunkiss Bronzer and Miel Glace Blush. I used my favorite eye treatment Genifique eye over the top of the makeup on the cheek bones to make them shine and light up! You look amazing Jacq! Thanks for being my gorgeous model today!

In Phoenix I was able to meet and work with Sheryl Cooper, dancer and amazing mom, married to the rocker Alice Cooper for 35 years now! I used the same Taupe Crave palette on the eyes in a very soft sculpted way! Can't wait to get you out here Sheryl and Alice for Rock of Ages!!!

Taupe crave is for everyone! I wanted to show Beauty at every Age as we used Taupe Crave just as the instructions explain below! I love how it makes the lids shine bigger and keeps the brow bone subtle! The crease is also kept matte to avoid showing any extra texture and lines through the crease! love that we used that pop shimmer highlight just at the center of the lid! Looks Sexy Chic and Young!

Good Luck~

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rula... How to do a Dramatic Blue Contoured Eye by: Darais

Everyone meet Rula... my BEAUTY OF THE WEEK, wearing a beautiful and dramatic blue contoured eye! I met Rula down in San Diego, She is going to be a great makeup artist and I was so glad she let me film this look I created for her! I couldn't wait to show her how BOLD and BEAUTIFUL, yet blended at the same time, some of my favorite Lancome eye shadows were!

Here is Rula with one eye done! Amazing how blue can put you in a mood! Wear this look when you are feeling the need to increase calmness and peace!

Products you will need to get this look:

Brushes: 18 dual end (lid and liner), 17 blending (crease), 16 pencil brush (deep crease), 11 shading (highlight)

Liner: Black Lapis Khol Pencil, Liquid Artliner in Noir

Eye Shadows: All Done Up (lid/liner), Click (crease/liner). It List (deep crease/liner), Filigree (highlight), Personal Style (center lid/liner)

Mascara: Hypnose Drama

Now that both eyes are done on Rula she new to keep the lips soft! She had a great tip that got cut off the video below... sucks... it was, wear A LOT of Makeup! Just remember that if you wear a lot of eye shadow do a really soft lip, and if you wear a bold lip, do a really soft eye! She said otherwise you might start to feel like a drag queen! Don't be a drag just be a queen!!! ah ha ha... you are fun Rula and I am so glad I got to paint your beautiful eyes blue! My Favorite color!


Monday, March 14, 2011

BRITTANY SNOW... My Beautiful Canvas

Brittany Snow was attending the 2007 GLAAD Awards and I was lucky enough to get booked as her makeup artist. Down to earth, STUNNING, cool and calm and made me laugh as I painted her face! Her eyes are so beautiful and blue! I loved getting to know her some and getting her ready for the award show!

On the Red Carpet Brittany Shined ! I loved how her blue eyes still stood out overall and her skin just glowed! That's one thing about makeup, sometimes you put too much on and you no longer can see what color of eyes you have! The makeup overtakes or over powers your natural beauty! I'm GLAAD I learned along the way and kept those blue eyes so blue!

THANK Brittany for the chance to meet you this day, and for the conversations we have had after, at events and film festivals!

My blog seems to have perfect timing... This month Brittany got the cover of MAXIM... looking gorgeous! Love it Brittany!

P.S. ARTS 2007...putting art back into the public schools.

Improving Children's Lives Through Arts Education!!!
P.S. ARTS is one of my favorite non-profit organizations just because I started painting while wearing diapers!!! Art was my favorite thing about school! check out my posts:

I love that Lancome felt the same way as I and the importance of this cause and got involved on a big scale! I also love that some of my very favorites came to help support P.S. Arts!
zooey deschanel, darais, kristin davis
zooey and darais
kerry diamond, kerry washington, darais

I got to do makeup for both the hosts, and beautiful sister in laws, Maria Bell and Colleen Bell. (above)

I also got to paint some beauty on the gorgeous Elizabeth Stewart (above). Fashion Editor/Stylist for Celebrities and NY Times Magazine!

Check out P.S. Arts for yourself and if you can, donate at this link: