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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jill Wagner Photo Shoot with Darais

Jill Wagner Actress, Host, Hot, and Best Friend was putting together her official web page so we decided to have a photo shoot!!! We used a dress she wore when she was on Blade on Spike TV. It turned out to be quite the fun day of shooting and acting crazy... something we do together all too good! Photographer was good friend the talented ELeon Myers. I love the video below when Jill realized it wasn't a picture but a video!
You can check out Jill's Web page at:
We started to play around with some of Jerell Scott's Fashion. This jacket he let her shoot in was amazing... I wanted it!
This Pop Mode look I was inspired by the 60's in Black and White. Jill and I made up a song while driving home from E Leon's Studio about this look. We still sing it too much... something to do with balls on her eye lashes and balls on her checks!
Love you so much Jill... You are Gorgeous... and not just because you are my very best friend I got! All product used on all the looks was Lancome Cosmetics. Thanks Lancome!
Hilarious Video!!! to run and look hot doing it!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stockard Channing... My Beautiful Canvas and the 08 Palm Springs Film Festival with the cast of Hairspray!

Love me my Stockard Channing and was excited when Warner Bros and New Line Hired me to be her makeup artist at the 08 Palm Springs Film Festival. My sister told me I had to say "fo shizzo Rizzo" to her. I did! I got to the Le Parker hotel and to her room and found out how sweet and calm Stockard was. She had lots of good stories. One of my favorite was her love for the Black Coffee Khol liner I used for her. It was taped to her mirror for all the seasons of The West Wing. She would usually do her own eyes with it and then have the makeup artist finish up her complexion. Also I told her that I test product on Celebrities not animals.. ha... with the new foundation that I put on her. Absolue Bx... I only had the lab samples and it looked amazing not only on the Red Carpet but also on stage while she was presenting an award to John Travolta for Hairspray!

stockard and john

rizzo and danny

Also there for New Line was the entire cast of Hairspray... The party began and I was glad to offer my makeup skills and touch ups all night long! But I think I drank more... and kissed Ricki Lake (Go Ricki... Go Ricki) a little too much! LOVE YOU!!

vanessa and darais

zac and darais

ricki and darais

the dynamites

Thanks Warner Brothers and New Line (Candice) for using me as your makeup artist for these events! I always have fun and make stories that I would never share with the tabloids! Stockard you are beautiful and kind and I love working with you! Thanks for keeping it real!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


November of 2007 I got an opportunity to work with the amazing photographer Peter Palladino for the first time. His work and creative vision comes natural to him as he shoots his subject! I loved getting a little bit of creative range after shooting the beauty shots on our model. I cut fur that I got at a thrift store and used it around the one eye. Then used a mascara to make it dark, mysterious, and sultry! It was fun!
My Turkish Model was absolutely and completely Gorgeous! All products used for the makeup was Lancome. I used eye lash adhesive to attach the fur around the eye!
Here is the final image! If I could howl like a wolf I would... ha ha.. Love it! Thanks Peter for the opportunity as always to work with you. if you would like to see more of his work or contact him for a shoot his website is:

Friday, May 13, 2011

Brooke... How to do a gold and brown eye shadow with a olive green liner... by Darais

Everyone Meet Beautiful Gorgeous Brooke!!! My Beauty of the Week in Newport Beach! Brooke is beautiful both inside and outside and I was so lucky to have her as my canvas for this easy look. Brooke is going to a wedding and is wearing a olive green dress. A lot of you girls don't know the rules when it comes to doing your makeup to go with a dress! Probably because there are no rules!!! Makeup is fun and it washes off! However, one thing that sticks around forever are photos!!! I wanted to show Brooke today a look that will be trendy in person and go with her dress... but timeless in photos! Here is Brooke with one eye done only!
To get this look the Products used are:
Eye Base: Aquatique Nude
Eye Shadows: 5 pan pallete in Bronze Amour
Eye Liner: Black Coffee Khol Pencil set with Designer eye shadow
Brushes: 18 dual end (lid and liner), 17 blending ( highlight and crease)
Mascara: Hypnose Drama

It looks just as amazing as chapstick with color Brooke! ha... I hope you enjoy it and that it makes you feel as gorgeous as you are! Also I hope that you learned how to use the colors in a more simple way for work! Keep on doing what you are doing... So amazing!

If you are lilke Brooke and feel that a softer more timeless look is for you without all the dramatic colors and trends watch this video and good luck!



Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I carry a color wheel almost everywhere I go as a teaching tool. They are cheap and you can find them at any arts and crafts store. You can even print off the one I scanned, and tape it on your mirror in the bathroom. Now you might have heard me at a Masterclass or in an Event, or if you are my sisters over and over again about Color Theory. I Even said live on the Red Carpet on E News, "This isn't Prom... This is the Golden Globes! DON'T Match your eye shadow to your dress!" I think i embarrassed the host with the purple dress and the purple eyeshadow...sorry!
Let me share with you why. Take a look at all the beautiful colors down below Colors are divided first into two groups.
Warm or Cool

Once you understand how to look at colors and determine if they are warm and cool the easier this next part of my lesson will be.

The first color scheme I want you to know about is called MONOCHROMATIC.

This scheme is achieved when you use variations in saturation and lightness of ONE single color. Think about it like this. If you take green and put light green and dark green next to it you have a perfect monochromatic scheme. So what does this do when it comes to make up? I always say in my classes that its perfect if you want to camouflage something. The army does it all the time. I don't want any of you to camouflage the color of your eyes. So many artists do this and I think it is because it's the easiest for not only them, but also you at home, to manage. It's safe, looks clean, and can be quite elegant. Some would say it provides a very soothing effect as if nothing is jumping out at you. Funny, cause 98 percent of woman I talk to say that they want their eyes to pop. I don't recommend the monochromatic scheme to achieve that! One good thing about this scheme is it accomplishes an overall mood. But remember that using a scheme like this doesn't highlight the most important elements you are trying to bring out!

The second color scheme I want you all to memorize is called ANALOGOUS.

Analogous color scheme is when a color is used with its ADJACENT or next to colors on the color wheel. Take a look at Violet up above. That means using Crimson and Blue-Violet with it would make it an analogous color scheme. When this scheme is used it makes the focal color a lot richer but lacks color contrast. It isn't as vibrant as your highest option and using too many analogous colors can ruin the harmony of the overall appearance.

The third color scheme, and my absolute favorite would be COMPLEMENTARY.

I always say that if you want to get compliments use complementary colors! Complementary color is two colors that are directly OPPOSITE of each other on the wheel of color. When Cool is against Warm it looks the very best. Colors no longer have to compete to be contrasting giving them the strongest most vibrant highest contrast possible. Highest contrast gives color dominance and makes colors appear their sharpest. THIS DRAWS THE MAXIMUM ATTENTION. Who doesn't want that! I always think... Opposites attract!

Red Complements Green
Blue Complements Orange
Yellow Complements Violet

I remade from memory an exercise I learned in art class. My teacher showed me two Christmas trees. One had blue decorations and the other had red. She asked me which tree was a brighter green. What do you think?

Which Green looks brighter to you? Sometimes its clearer if you cover up one at a time.

I was shocked at the age of 9 to find out that the greens were the exact same color. It was Complementary color that made the tree with the red decorations look brighter.

Now that we know simple color theory we are going to look at color within every one's own individual eyes. We can not only in the future complement that color, but we can start complementing your outfits and your prom dresses. LOL

Monday, May 9, 2011

COOL METALS and WARM METALS. Always Trendy... which is best for you?

Have you ever noticed that eye shadows come in every metallic shade possible. It makes some times those most difficult Morning MakeUp decisions about what eye shadow to wear, a thing of the past. In one of my posts on "Skins Undertones" we learned that Silver looks best on a Cool undertone and that Yellow gold looks best on Warm. I put together this chart to help you realize that there are a lot more options when trying to paint your eyes in the morning and some of the benefits that will come with it. If you are more Warm, use the warm metals above. If you are more Cool, use the cool metals. Neutral gets away with both!

When deciding what eye shadows to use I love using complementary color to make the eye color come to life, however, sometimes that color doesn't go with the outfit or dress you are wearing. Also I have noticed that color plays a big part in period MakeUp. The 60's, 70's, 80's all have their own color statement and I notice it most when looking at old pictures. MakeUp and hair can both get pretty out dated if done too trendy. When using color to bring out the eyes I love using it as a eye liner only. In person it looks fun and trendy making your eyes pop. But in most pictures it will appear less colorful and more neutral!

I think back to where trends used to come from. It was the runway shows in Europe. Milan, Paris, all inspiring not only what to wear in apparel but also how to paint your face. I think that's why the trends in the 70's and 80's are so drastic. Now think about where trends come from today. It's no longer that we all want to look like we are walking a catwalk but rather look like our favorite celebrity. Celebrities define the trends now and they have opted to do a much more simple, much more High Definition friendly, look. I think they want to play it safe and they pay me big bucks to keep them in the magazines as the top trend setting beauties that they are.

The first thing that a bride tells me when I am doing their make up is what their wedding colors are. The first thing a celebrity or their stylist shows me is the dress that they are wearing. I love the prom girls mom who brings in a piece of the fabric or better yet the entire dress. It's cute, but that's not the answer I am looking for. Bridal colors, and dress colors are seasonal. They come and go in and out of style. I try to allow my work to be timeless lasting always especially when that moment is caught within a photograph.

I am 100 percent sure that in 50 years, silver and gold will still be what everyone is wearing. That's why I always ask about the jewelry that is going to be worn. Celebrities usually will have 2 or 3 dress options for the night just in case one doesn't fit right, or it rips, or someone else shows up in that dress. What they won't remove however, regardless of how many dress changes, is their diamonds and jewelry either borrowed, or bought. I stapled this to my beliefs, in MakeUp, when doing Ashley Green's MakeUp for the Premiere of Twilight. Her jewelry was a bronze copper so decided to do a soft smokey eye to match that. It was beautiful and Ashley could change her ostrich feather black dress to something more fun and less dress up for the after parties!

ashley getting her face painted for twilight premiere

ashley and darais

vince bucci/getty images

InStyle did an article on how to get the look at the link below:

It was an amazing day and I even got to bring my sister along as my beauty assistant. Thanks Christina for helping me out!

darais, ashley, and sister christina

Lots of you girls have been asking about specifics I used on Ashley. Here is a list:
Bigger eyes, Bigger Lashes, Bigger Lips was my inspiration. “Bigger is better!” Ashley said to me while getting her ready for the World Premier of Twilight. Must have something to do with how Big of a hit her movie is going to be.

The look consisted of flawless plastic looking skin, intensely smoked out eyes. Mascara for Miles and Soft lips you want to “bite”.

Moisturize with Lancôme’s Bienfait Multi-Vital Glow SPF 15.
Even out the skin using a foundation brush and tinted moisturizer. For Ashley I used Lancôme’s Aqua fusion Teinte #1 Naturel.
Set the skin with pressed Color Ideal Powder by Lancome.
Bronze the forehead, jaw line, neck and temples with Lancôme’s Bronze Solaire powder.
Use a mixture of Cappucine and Miel Glace blush by Lancome, on apples of the cheeks.
Highlight the High Cheekbones with Filigree Eye shadow.
Apply Lancome Aquatique Nude Eyeshadow Base from lash line all the way up past the crease using your finger.
Next take Lancôme’s Le Crayon Khol in Black Coffee and apply thick and messy eyeliner to the top lash line. Next take a concealer brush and smudge the black coffee liner up to the crease making the eye shadow base deeper.
Set the entire lid with Lancôme’s Color Design Eye shadow in Impress.
Blend the crease using Chic eye shadow by Lancome. Finish the outer crease with Lezard shadow.
Highlight under the brow and inner corner of the eyes with Filigree Shadow by Lancome.
Next rim the bottom inner eye with Black Coffee Khol pencil and set the inner rim also with Statuesque eye shadow by Lancome.
Apply Lancôme’s new mascara Oscillation with a push of a button. The vibrations give you perfect long lash separation.
Line the lips and fill in with Lancome Le Lipstique Sheer Pencil in Sheer Natural.
Apply Lancome Lipstick in Rendez-vous and Color Fever Gloss in Up in Smoke.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Music video Low by Kari Kimmel... my canvas

The end of 07, my favorite voice, Kari Kimmel and good friend, was shooting her music video to the song Low. I got to be the makeup artist for all the outdoor shots! Alexander Stabler was the hair stylist! Burke Daniel was the hair and makeup artist for all the studio shots!
This song was the theme song for the TV show Private Practice

LOVE YOU KARI!!! On Saturday night this week we filmed another Video for Kari's song Go!!! Check it out on itunes or at I can't wait for the video to be done!


Here is a past post of another video I got to work with Kari on!!!