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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Hair Music Video Makeup with Stefi and Pepper in Darais' Makeup Studio in Beverly Hills

I Had an Amazing time doing MakeUp for Stefi and Pepper for their new song...'BIG HAIR'!!!

Back in December I got to work with them to create the cover shot for the CD... (video and images below)
Check out their song on ITunes and enjoy the video up above.... Above is part two of my adventures with Stefi and Pepper... As i continue creating their look for now the music video to the song in my makeup studio in Beverly Hills. I can't wait to post the music video when its all shot and done!

Shannon is Stefi and I recently went to her show up on sunset blvd at the Whiskey a Go Go... you are beautiful beautiful... Everyone is going to want your skin... and you too Justin... even with the puff puff! You two make a killer song!

BIG HAIR Stefi & Pepper (Shannon & Justin)

stefi and darais


  1. Love your blog Darais! This is Jake Fillmore's wife Jessica-dont know if you remember me but we went floating down the Provo once. Found your blog through your brother Aaron. Hey so I have a ? for you... Whats your favorite concealer?? I use concealer everyday but I am not loving the one I use and I want to find a better one to replace it. I have a light olive skin tone.

  2. Hello Jessica... yep I remeber that river trip... Hope you are well... my favorite and most natural concealer is Lancome's Maquicomplet concealer... I would check out shade Camee or Dore. They look amazing under eyes and also great on any problem areas on the face like redness around the nose or blemishes. Set with a jet milled sheer powder and soft brush. hope that helps beautiful girl!