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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alex... How to do a clean natural bright and light eye look!

Everyone Meet Alex!!! My Morning MakeUp Call Beauty of the Week... Gorgeous Egyptian Goddess with some of the most beautiful eyes ever! Most of my videos show a lot of products and colors... Here Alex chose to learn a simple clean bright and light look for her eyes. You can keep the liner soft and natural... or add a lot more for night! Either way the look is bold, clean, and fresh! I Love It!!!

Products you will need to get the look:

Eye Base: Nude Aquatique

Eye Liner: Blanc Khol Pencil, Noir Waterproof pencil

Eye Shadows: Positive (matte) for all over, Impress (metallic) to set liner

Bronzer: Bronze Solaire (contour)

Brushes: 18 dual end ( all over shadow and liner), 17 blending (crease contour)

Mascara: Oscillation Black

Thanks Alex... I want to come visit you in your pyramid!!! Can't wait to see you again!



Friday, April 22, 2011

Adrienne... How to do a Tropical Summer eye using Gold and Pink with a cool Blue Green DARAIS

Everyone meet my Morning MakeUp Call Beauty of the Week Adrienne!!! Adrienne is a makeup artist and I wanted to show her some fun ways to wear different colors and products within the Lancome brand! As makeup artists it's fun but also a challenge to come up with colors that are over the top! Blended and bright! Beautiful! I showed her what I call my summer mango look... with a really cool liner as well! Below is the look on Adrienne's one eye only! I love mixing gold and pink together on the eyes... and that green blue liner is intense!

Adrienne's Advice I loved... Don't be afraid to try color... You don't have to do this much... but if you can... Trust me... Everyone is going to be asking you to do their makeup! Maybe that's not such a good thing... ha ha

The Products you will need to get this look:

Concealer and Eye Base: Effacernes Bronze IV

Lipstick on lid: Groupie

Lip Liner in crease: Sheer Raspberry

Eye Shadows: 24 Karat (lid), Kitten Heel (highlight), Makeover (crease and inner corner of eye), Fashion Forward (inner eye inside rim liner), All Done Up (outer eye inside rim liner)
Blush: Shimmer Pink Pool

Brushes: 18 dual end( lid and liner) 17 blending (highlight and crease)
Liners: Black Lapis Khol Pencil (lower inside), Artliner Noir (top)

Mascara: Cils Booster XL Base, Hypnose Drama

Love that MakeUp is your Crime Adrienne! You are a beautiful tropical mango now! I'm glad you love it!



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Michele... How to do a Blue and Purple Dramatic Eye by: DARAIS

Everyone Meet My Beauty of the Week, Michele, and Send her lots of LOVE and BEAUTIFUL POSITIVE ENERGY!!! I could see a constant sadness and tear in her eye, and I hope with all my heart that this makeup boost will help. Michele recently lost her husband and father of her 2 kids. Thanks you Beautiful girl for staying strong, smiling occasionally, and being the best mom ever to those beautiful kids of yours! You are a ROCK!!

I wanted to show Michele something she could do at night when she felt like going out... maybe getting away from the kids for a while and just letting her hair down! Sound familiar? All of us need a break and Sometimes it's just a little bit of color and makeup that can give us the energy and also the excuse to do so! Below is Michele with half of her face completed!

Michele wanted to try color... color is a great way to create a mood! I love that we chose Blue and Purple together to create this soft yet beautifully dramatic look for her gorgeous gold brown eyes! Here is Michele with the complete look... And the slight smile I was hoping to get as well!
To get this look the Products used are:

Eye Base and Concealer: Effacernes Dore

Shadows: Drama (lid), Snap (crease), Gaze (highlight), Succesorize (outer crease and liner)

Eye Pencil: Black Lapis Khol

Brushes 18 dual end (lid and liner), 17 blending (crease and highlight) 100 Minerale (dual finish powder and bronzer), 2 foundation (concealer)

Bronzer: Bronze Solaire

Dual Finish: Matte Wheat II

Mascara: Hypnose Drama

Lip Liner: Sheer Plum

Lip Gloss: Seductively

Thanks Michele... and call me if you ever need a baby sitter and mom isn't around! I have 8 nieces and nephews and I know what you and also my sisters go through... It isn't easy... only worth it! xoxo



Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yajaira... Silver smokey eye with a touch of Blue!

Everyone Meet Yajaira, My Beauty of the Week and also Prom Queen! At 15 years old Yajaira isn't into much makeup. She does have red carpet events and has done some extreme makeup for shoots and such and was relieved to find a soft smokey eye using my techniques!!! It looks amazing below on the right!!! Here is the completed look below. As you can see the main color choice for shadows was Silver. The dress was black and blue so I didn't want to match the dress completely... I know I say you can when you go to prom... However, Yajaira opted to go above and beyond and let me match her makeup to her silver jewelry instead. She will thank me 10-20 years from now when she sees the photos! Silver and Gold never go out of style! Up close in person and in certain lights the blue will peek through... but, in the photos it will be timeless! Love it and Hope you have a great time at Prom and all your Red Carpet Events!!!

Products you will need to get this look:

Eye Base: Bronze IV Effacernes Waterproof Concealer

Shadows: 5 Pan Palette in Midnight Rush

Eye Liner: Black Eboney Khol Pencil

Brushes: 18 Dual End (lid and liner), 17 blending (Highlight and crease), 8 (eye base), 2 (concealer around nose and on cheeks), 6 (dual finish powder and blush)

Mascara: Hypnose Drama

Powder Foundation: Dual finish in Matte Topaz III

Blush: Miel Glace

Cheek Highlight: Kitten Heel

Now You are ready for your close up!!!!!




Monday, April 18, 2011

A Night with Cate Blanchett... the Queen!!!

One of my very favorites for acting and also for pure beauty is Cate Blanchett. Her skin, her kindness, love for who she plays and others, and beauty from within are always within her. I absolutely loved talking with her at the premiere of ELIZABETH the Golden Age. I joked with her and told her that I was her date due to the fact the Clive Owen was stuck in Europe and couldn't attend and somehow I ended up with his ticket! HA! Clive was the current male Ambassador for Our Men's Fragrance and Skincare at Lancome! Thanks Lancome for the opportunity to enjoy the night, The movie, The costumes on display and even the brief company! Cate you are forever Majestic!!! DARAIS

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Highlight and Contour for Face and Eye Template cteated by: DARAIS

Above is a Template I created that you can print out and use to remember where highlight and contour can be used to sculpt the face, lips, cheeks and eyes! I refer to a lot of these through out my blog and videos... So I hope this helps! ;-) DARAIS

Saturday, April 9, 2011


August 2007 I was able to go to Dallas Texas and be on Good Morning Texas. They wanted me to create a red carpet look that anyone could wear. I always say I love working on people that walk on red carpets... but love working more on people that walk on kid stained carpets! It was one of my first LIVE TV moments and I was thrilled.... and so nervous! It was dark and pouring rain outside but inside the make up was bright and gorgeous on my model for the segment! This look is actually really simple. I used simple basic skin care and a tinted moisturizer set with very little powder. No blush, just some soft bronzer. the eye lids where lit up with my white pencil trick and then a matte light shadow was applied over the lid and brow bone in Daylight! The crease was created with a soft brown shadow in Waif! you can't mess this look up. The colors are too soft for that! Then the liner was applied tight to the lash line top and bottom with a khol black ebony liner and set with the darkest brown shadow you got using an angle brush! I love Lezard or Guest List for setting! Apply Definicils Mascara (#1 Luxury Mascara for 20 years now) and a soft brow! The lips I love! Red to match the carpet... but if Red isn't to your liking you can easily do this with a soft nude or pink lip!
I remember how nervous I was as they counted down the seconds to my segment. I am grateful I have had many more opportunities to be live on TV now so I don't shake too much or sweat or get scared! Thank you Dallas for the experience and for the beautiful calm after the storm!


Monday, April 4, 2011


I just got a really nice mention on!!! Thanks Sarah Howard! Thought that this would be a great tip of the week!!!

Click on this link... and then don't forget to please share it with your friends through facebook and twitter!

ENJOY your new soft and sugar sweet lips!!!


Saturday, April 2, 2011


Lancome put together 10 things people don't know about me for my events... I love how now everyone asks to see my socks! My birthday was March 31st and I wanted to thank everyone in my 32 years of living!!! I love life and I think that one of the biggest reasons why, besides my family, is that I wasn't scared to follow my passion to paint as a career... So many I talk to are scared to pursue their passion as a career in fear that it will no longer be their passion and just turn into work. I am lucky enough... to be creative enough... to not let that ever happen! Each day for me is another adventure... and another hair style... That should have been one of my top 10! HA!!!! Someone once in a store said that this blog was alot so I could track my many hair styles! Made me smile!

And now you know... xo