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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Margo Harshman... My Beautiful and Crazy Canvas for Comic Con Sorority Row 09

Great Morning Everyone... I wanted to share with you the morning I met the amazing personality called Margo Harshman. I first saw her work in Greys Anatomy and was glad that she was the first girl in my makeup chair at Comic Con 09. She was in a supporting role for the horror movie Sorority Row. Margo has had many roles in numerous TV shows and film.

She woke me up with her bright whit and out there energy... even more than my coffee. I had a blast meeting the cast of Sorority Row. Margo you stood out to me... not just cause of my makeup. I ended up perfecting her skin with minimal foundation and powder. Used my subtle plastic cheek look and for those beautiful pure blue eyes, I used complimentary color for eye shadows in peaches and oranges to make them even more blue!!!

You make me laugh out loud really! Love you Margo!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Good Morning everyone... I'm traveling across country right now to Florida for a fun adventure with HSN!!! Tomorrow I have live shows with my Beautiful Friend Joan Poulton and also Fellow National Artist Robert Cook!

Tomorrow the shows start (August 24th), If you want to watch us live on the home shopping network, you can tune in EASTERN TIME: Lancome has many shows through out the visit ending Saturday August 27th.

For the first time we are showing LIVE a Backstage Beauty look with me as the backstage artist getting all the HSN Models ready with the looks for Fall.

Backstage Beauty live times are flexibly...
Wed: 10:30pm
Thur: 6am, 9:30am, 3:40pm, 8pm, 10:30pm
Fri: 7am, 10am, 12:30pm, 7:30pm.

The Faces of Fall:
"Plum Diva"
"Shades of Silver & Grey"
"A Doll Lash Eye & A Strong Willed Lip"
I will be demonstrating all these fall trends backstage with some brand new product...
A little sneak preview of what products you will be able to call in and buy are:
Foundations Teint Miracle (my favorite)
La Base Pro
Blush Multilumiere, Miel Glace, Rose Fresque
Hypnose Drama Mascara
Color Design 5 Pan Palette Violet Sweetheart, Amethyst Glam, Gris Fatale, Midnight Rush
Artliner Noir
L'Absolu Rouse and Nu (Pale Petal and Beige Silk)
La LAque Fever Pum Wave
Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara
Visionnair [LR 2412 4%] Advanced Skin Corrector

If you call in to order maybe you can even be one of our live callers!!! I'll give you a wink if you do! ;-)



Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Twilight's Ashley Greene... My Beautiful Canvas summer 09 for Comic Con and Cosmo Party

We were so excited to see each other again early in the morning at Comic Con down in San Diego. Ashley sat and waited until I was done with Margo Harshman so I could be her artist that day. I had no idea that comic con was such a unreal product of the imagination. I don't think that Ashley knew yet just how much vigor her crowd of fans obtained. It doesn't surprise me... her beauty astounds me still and will continue each time I paint her face.

The Look I did for Ashley at Comic Con 09 here was such a hit... I even remember Ashley saying, "This is my favorite look you've done on me so far... don't forget what you used!" I used that favorite lip gloss "Electric Pink" that I had used just a few weeks before on Rose McGowan. The look and products used were featured in OK Magazine and also blogs. To get a list of products used click on the links below.

Ashley was going to a Cosmo Fun and Fearless Summer Party and I was called to paint her face. Such a great simple look for a summer day into night look.

I've never had one of my looks covered by beauty blogs as much as this one. Here are some of the links below. Click on them to see all the products used to get Ashley's look!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Jill Wagner my Beautiful Canvas for summer 09 Transformers Premiere and ESPY Awards

Each and every time I get to paint Jill Wagner's face I realize more and more how gorgeous she is... And I'm not just saying that because she is my best friend. For the Transformers Premiere in Los Angeles I did a soft sculpted smokey eye in soft grey and bronze. I love mixing warm and cool metals together next to each other to throw off a color scheme. It just seems to pop and have more complimentary this way. Below is Jill on the Red Carpet looking HOT!!!For the ESPY Awards I did a much softer look on the eyes but used a liquid liner for her top lash. It gave a dreamy yet more dense look to those romantic eyes and believe it worked... She met her now Boyfriend this day!!!

I also got to do our friend Laura's makeup for the Award show. So Beautiful you two! I made the skin glow by over bronzing the contours and then blasting them with strong skin highlights. My favorite thing to use for highlight is Filigree eye shadow and Absolue Face powder in Peche and Golden. Both by Lancome

My Girl Jill Wagner on the Red Carpet at the ESPY's!!! Jill... meet Eddie!!! =love

Saturday, August 13, 2011

In New York for Lancome's Aaron De May Training on Fall color

Every opportunity I can get I love going to NY and being trained by other makeup artists. Lancome brought in the 6 National Artists to work with the new Artistic Director for the brand Aaron De May. You might remember his first color collection Declaring Indigo. I loved watching this artistic person create his vision and share with us the ideas inside his mind... and inside his scrapbook. I still at this point in my career have never been to Makeup School. I have been self taught and taught by the generous artist above me willing to share their technique and experience. For that I am grateful.

I get to play with the color months before it hits stores. Something that I love to do. Here I am with two of my models playing in the fall 09 color.

Aaron DeMay gives his inspiration life on two models showing us the concept, the how to and the free play with products from the Declaring Indigo collection. What a rare find for Lancome. Aaron, you inspire all of us!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are you bored with your Look... Try this EXTREME idea!

I am always going out with friends... anyone that follows me on facebook can see that. Something that my best friend Jill Wagner and I started doing is coming up with a theme or period for the night. Something to transform into. A part to play and look the part! It actually becomes some of the best nights out and it may actually be just the getting ready... And the looks we get. You know me... I like attention a little.

I encourage you all to try it. It doesn't have to be Halloweenish or this extreme... but the more creative you get with your makeup and clothes the more you will remember. It always is a way to change up that same old smokey eye that everyone else is doing. I thrive on being different. Try it.

Jill Wagner and I going out Dark and Vamp!

80's Prom with Jill Wagner! I'm wearing her mom's shirt! lol

Caroline and I go Goth for my bday party in Seattle.

Ashlee and I going out Rock at a photo shoot!

Jill and I 40's

Fine, Dandy, and Dapper
With best friend Alex
Disco 70's with Jamie and the girls

ROCK n ROLL to some Frank Sinatra! lol

I love Hollywood... but not as much as I love the time with all my friends!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Rose McGowan My Beautiful Canvas for "Valentino: The Last Emperor" LA Premiere

Again Rose McGowan is one of my favorite faces to paint. I love her beauty and how little makeup it takes to glam her out like here for the LA Premiere of "Valentino: The Last Emperor" April 2009.

I used nude shadows all over Rose's eyes giving them a flesh tone. I then used bronzers and rusted brown colors to contour. Liner was top heavy keeping the lower lash line completely clean.

I saw Rose's eyes light up even more when she saw the new Lancome La Lacque Fever Gloss in "Electric Pink". I knew that she would be taking mine from my kit. I'm glad she did.... It looks amazing on her... and stays on up to 8 hours!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Darais doing Bridal Makeup on the TV show Fat Free Fiances

When The E Channel contacted me and told me about a new show they were doing called Fat Free Fiance's and also a little bit about Courtney and Rick I was so excited to be a part of it! I got to go meet Courtney a week before her and Rick's Wedding and discuss with her the bridal look she had always dreamed of. We got to know each other at the Long Beach Art Center as she shared with me her accomplishments, her trials, her jokes, her smile, all in such gratitude I left feeling overcome completely. I submerged in my mission to make it the best day I could fort both the beautiful bride... and Rick. Thank you E Network for introducing us and allowing me to be the makeup artist for the wedding.

Many of you know how hard it is to lose a little bit of weight... Courtney and Rick didn't just lose a little. They lost together 117 lbs in just 12 weeks. Each week they would reach their goal another part of the wedding was rewarded!

I always say to women complaining about their wrinkles... "just gain some weight... it plumps them out!" Courtney I know you would take wrinkles over health struggles any day... You are perfect... and made a perfect bride... Love you both!

When ever I work with a bride I always try to teach them the meaning behind my madness. I don't do trend at weddings. I don't want pictures to be dated. I won't match your eye shadow to your colors!!!! Your dress and hair already do a good job at out dating your pictures sometimes. I keep it classic and elegant. Romantic with a bit of sultry in the eyes. I stay away from bright colors keeping the palette neutrals with plums, mauve's pale pinks and metallic. Also False Lashes can overtake your entire look and you wont look like yourself in your pics. I used them on Courtney... but kept them very natural. You also don't want to be uncomfortable with heavy lashes on all day or worry that they might pop off in the middle of the reception. Also make sure you use some of my waterproofing techniques... If you watch in the video below you will see how important that is as the emotions could have easily taken off all of my work on High Definition TV! Thank you Lancome for holding up on Courtney and I... You are amazing!