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Monday, January 31, 2011

BRADLEY COOPER... My Handsome Canvas!

Fall 2005 I started working events and shoots for New Line Cinema. I met Candice with New Line who is still to this day one of my favorite girls. Even though we started out working together, she is one of the ones I love to be with, not just at award shows and film festivals, but outside of work as well.

Fox picked up a new TV series through New Line called "Kitchen Confidential". It was staring Bradley Cooper, Nicolas Brendon, John Francis Daley, and Owain Yeoman. Candice at Newline hired me to do some MakeUp for the Men for The New York Magazine.

This shoot was lots of laughs and lots of fun... and I got along great with all the guys. It was most of fun to keep it minimal and keep it manly talking about guy liner.
My top 10 tips for Male MakeUp will follow.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

KIM STEWART ...My Beautiful Canvas... Part 2

I continued to work with Kim Stewart and Caroline D' Amore for Red Carpet Events, Modeling, and Fashion Week through out 2005. My favorite time was doing Kim's makeup in her car while she drove to her event. Stop lights are just enough time to apply eye lashes we learned and cup holders make a great place to hold brushes!!!

It wasn't long until my work was showing up in magazines with Kim. Here are a couple that I saved.

make up artist burke daniel, caroline, and darais

caroline and darais

kim and darais

kim and darais

caroline, kim, and paris

kim stewart


sean and kim

bentley and kim

paris and kim

Thanks Kim for letting me paint your face and also your friends. You always gave me creative freedom and I feel you always looked beautiful. I learned a lot about red carpet make up from practice with you... oh and thanks for paying for some of my bills for two years! You ROCK!!!


#1 Dark skin reflects more light than lighter skin. This doesn't mean you have more oil, just means that it looks like it. Powder is great to keep you shine free, just don't over dry your skin with too much powder or go without a Moisturizer because you think you are oilier than you are.

#2 Avoid moisturizers and make up with SPF of higher than 20-30. Darker skin contains more melinin which is a natural sun block. Applying a too high of SPF on a darker skin tone will turn Ultra Violet from the zinc oxide. No one wants to look Purple!!!

#3 Use a WARM (yellow-caramel) foundation or concealer on the center of your face only, to even out under eyes, cheeks, nose and lower forehead. If you use this on the forehead or chin area it can turn dull. Use a second foundation in a deeper color, COOL (Red) tone, to even out the perimeter off the face (fore head, chin, jaw line). This gives you natural contour and all the demension you will ever need. Also Two bottles of Foundation will last you twice as long because you aren't using as much of each color in the morning.

#4 Set your warm fondation or c0ncealer in your T-zone (center of the face) with a mattifying warm face Powder and carry it around with you through out the day for touch ups. Don't apply this powder to the chin or forehead. Doing so can turn you ashy.

#5. In the Morning...set your cool foundation (forehead, chin, and jawline) with a red based Bronzer usually used for medium skin tones. It gives a soft glow while the powder helps to control excessive oil.

#6 Blush can look clownish and like to much make up on darker skin. Use a soft amount of Deep Apricot, Rust or Merlot powder, or even lipstick to the apples of the cheeks only and blend a lot! Apply bronzer over the top to have it set the lipstick and look like its coming through the cheeks softly. Don't bring your blush back to your temples!

#7 Avoid Pinks and Bright Red Shimmering Lipsticks and Glosses. Instead look for caramels, honeys, chocolates, and blackberries for the most flattering look. Remember, glosses and shimmer will make your lips bigger which you might not want. People pay for lips like yours!!!

#8 Brow hairs can be dark already so don't use black to fill them in. Instead of matching your hair color or the color of your brow hair, try using powders and pencils that are 2 to 3 shades lighter. Everyone is shocked when I show them how good Natural Blonde brow pencil looks on a darker skin tone... it just adds warmth.

#9 When looking for Eye Shadows you are lucky. Intense colors look the best on you and can even be worn for a day look. Avoid shadows and pigments that have a lot of white shimmer mixed in them. Instead use medium and darker Metallics and more intense Colors.

#10 When using Eye liner and Mascara you should always use Black! However I do find that in most dark brown eyes there is some copper or orange in the color of them. Use a Blue Black Liner in Black Lapis to make your brown eyes look more like Copper! Something fun to do when you get sick of using Black all the time! Line the inside of the eye above the lower lashes to really bring the color of your eye out. Set the liner with a black or blue black dark shadow to keep it there all day long.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

SHAUNEY BABY... My Beautiful Canvas!!!

I met Shauney Baby in 2004. As drummer for Hilary Duff, with a lot of talent, and a beautiful face, I started doing her Make Up for Events, Magazine Photo Shoots, and Red Carpet Events. Her skin tone is one of my favorite to work with. It made me think more about what will work and wont work on a beautiful deeper skin tone.


american music awards
My inspiration for the American Music Awards with Shauney Baby was Rock but in a glamed up way. I used deep smokey Browns and blacks around the eyes to glam them out softly with ample amounts of black eye liner around the inside of the eye to give it a rocker vibe. The eyes on a deeper skin tone can handle a lot more pigment and still look soft and blended for a Red Carpet Event. This leaving the opportunity to glam up the lips with a deep chocolate lip liner and a sheer deep red lipstick and gloss!!!

shauny baby and her little woof woof

shauney baby and darais in hilary's photo studio

shauny baby in hilary's studio

MODERN DRUMMER MAGAZINE did an entire spread on Shauney Baby in April 2005, which I was able to do the make up. Shauney...You make my heart beat like an 808 drum! I love painting your face and running into you here and there and am so proud of you and your talent!

And thats your Morning MakeUp Call brought to you by: dark tone eye lash glue!
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Sunday, January 23, 2011


After working on tour with Asia Entertainment I got a lot of practice with the Asian eye. Read one of my first posts (My Very First Make Up Experience).  I love painting them and mainly because they make you think. Brushes don't follow a deep crease and makes you take control I wanted to share with you my top 10 tips when it comes to doing make up on an Asian Eye!

#1 Layer shadows with the most color or the darkest shades along the lash line working lighter and with less color as you move upward towards the brow bone (A TRUE SMOKEY EYE). This adds the depth that you want to flat eye lids.

#2 Shimmer makes things bigger... matte makes things smaller. Don't apply shimmer to the brow bone. On an Asian eye this is where they have all the space. Instead use your skin tone color in a matte shade to make it appear smaller. Use the shimmer shades instead on the smaller lids.

#3 Always use a waterproof concealer or eye shadow base. Lids and lashes seem to do a lot of rubbing against each other which can cause your shadows to fade away and smudge.

#4 Use Waterproof Pencils as liner and even set the liners with additional eye shadow to assure longevity and a smudge proof look all day long. Using your liner along the lash line, in darker shadows and colors, will give you fuller looking lashes.

#5 Eye liner along the top lash line should start from the inner corner of the eye thin and get thicker as you get towards the outer corner of the eye. This not only gives a lift to a down turned or mature eye, but makes the eyes look bigger.

#6 If lining the lower lash line use a soft line and don't forget to go all the way across with the liner fading away at the corners. Its best to have it thickest in the center of the eye. This not only gives more roundness to the eye, but also makes the lashes look fuller. If the liner is stopped in the middle it looks like the lashes stop there too.

#7 Asian eyes are typically brown with a lot of Copper color when you look closer. Use a Dark Blue -Black Eye liner to complement the Orange within the eye color.

#8 Asian eyes tend to have more oil through out the day. Make sure that everything around the eye is set with shadow and face powder to allow an all day neat look. Use a pressing motion with your brush when applying your powder and shadows. It gives it more strength and more oil absorbing ability.

#9 Always curl your upper lashes before mascara and in between coats. This opens your eyes and makes them look wider.

#10 Use a water proof mascara on both upper and lower lashes. With an Asian eye, the lashes tend to rub more often on the skin surrounding the eye. Any oil around the eye will make a non water proof mascara smudge!

Below is one of my clients where I did the eye on the right side only. This was to show how an eye can be lifted, opened, made bigger and wider using very little Make Up!

and that's your Morning Make Up Call brought to you by:
a sponge tip applicator!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


The end of 2004 and beginning of 2005 I started traveling with Asia Entertainment Production company. These Vietnamese Celebrities and Singers became good friends of mine and we had a lot of fun traveling together. Washington D.C. and Toronto were my two favorite shows and I don't think I have ever worked so long or hard, and understood nothing about what was being said, in my life. We would finish the day around 2am and call time would be at 6am every morning. I remember it was my first time to Washington D.C. so I jogged all the sites at 5am before work. 3 hours of sleep each night? I'll take it!

I learned on this tour the most about high definition and stage make up. Not only did it need to look amazing for the live audience but also for High Definition filming for the DVD's. Accomplishing this all while trying to explain to the performers that 2 sets of lashes and heavy contour is as far as I can push it for HD! The make up was not just beauty but also creative. Even got to do special effects for the comedy skits. I had a blast and learned so much. Her is some of my work with the singers/actors.

I worked along side Make Up Artists Robyn and Sunny and made a lot of memories.
robyn, sunny, and darais
Thanks Asia Entertainment!
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


In 2004 and 2005 I got heavily involved in BODY MAKE UP! Some thing that goes back to the age of two. (See post:  The Start Of My Career... In a Diaper and Rubber Pants!!)
age 2 painted myself
MAC Pro store was a place where they had airbrushing and all the Pro products that the other MAC stores didn't have. Complete with Body Make Up. I even got the opportunity to teach airbrush lessons to many including two great make up artists Billy B. and Kevin Scott Hees.

Everytime there was an event we all got to participate in painting the models. In store events, Make Up trade shows and MAC parties, us pro artists were put to work in a creative way! This Butterfly look that a senior artist came up with was one of my favorites to execute.
darais and the models

denika and the models

waffa and the models
I also got creative and started painting my chest for work events. Pamela and I made a cute couple for VIVA GLAM V. Face chart complete with lashes, and also Clark Kent for Halloween!
darais and pamela

darais and waffa

waffa and darais on halloween 04

Saturday, January 15, 2011

AINT NO HOLLARBACK GIRL!!!! with Gwen Stefani

GWEN STEFANI is by far one of my favorite artists. When Make Up Artist and Friend Gabriel Geismar asked me to be part of the glam squad for the Music Video, Hollarback Girl, how could I say no? Spending a few days with Gwen and the extras was probably the most fun I have ever had on a set. I didn't do a whole lot of make up but did get to hang out and laugh a lot! Gwen signed the picture of us below. She is both sweet and beautiful... BANANAS!

darais and gwen
 The Harjuku girls had so much energy and were a lot of fun to talk to, dance with, and push around in shopping carts until one of them got cut.
darais and the harajuku girls

darais, gwen, and gabriel

make up artists gabriel and sutan
 After we were done filming in the grocery store we were aloud to take whatever we wanted home. I think I broke a bottle of wine trying to carry too much and Gwen was throwing fried pork rinds into my shopping cart! CLEAN UP ON AISLE 7!!!
i think this is when we fell in love

harajuku girls and gwen

The Music Video and song was a lot of fun and caught on SO FAST!!!!!! It was amazing to work under Gabriel and along side Sutan, Robyn, and Denika!!! Fun GLAM SQUAD! That's my shhhhhh...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

KIMBERLY STEWART... My Beautiful Canvas!

Everyone knows Rod Stewart... so I think. The first time I met him I was up in his Daughter's wing of the house and he came in wearing a silk robe.  I'll never forget it because he saw me bent over the counter in my eye shadows and he asked if I was doing drugs in his house jokingly! Kim hit him as he laughed out loud. Ever since then we joked about snorting eye shadow! It was fun having him watch me get his daughter Kimberly ready for a socialite event that night.

darais and kim

Kimberly Stewart was one of my regular clients at the MAC Pro store and when she couldn't make it in to the store I started going up to her house in Beverly Park. Not only was she a beautiful client but, she was also a beautiful friend. It wasn't long after doing her Make Up a few times, that we were headed out together with her girlfriends, family, and boyfriend!
darais and kim
Our favorite place to go was Johnny Depp's THE VIPER ROOM every Tuesday Night. Her boyfriend was Cisco Adler, lead singer of WHITESTAR, who was a regular performer there. He was one of the nicest rockers I've ever hung with. I think it was our 8th Tuesday night in a row when Kimberly looked at me and said, "Lets not come here for awhile!" Made me laugh!
darais, cisco and kim

Two of Kimberly's friends would also get their face done by me some nights. Caroline D'Amor, model and now DJ, and also Cindy Newman. One night out Cindy got in a car accident and the entire way to the hospital she was trying to keep the blood from her cut on her head out of her eye Make Up. She still made it out that night all stitched up! She amazed me! Since then I tell girls..."Don't Waste Good Make Up!!!"
caroline and kim

kim, caroline, and cindy

cindy and darais

Kimberly's Beautiful Sister Ruby was singing at the Viper Room for the first time and I got to not only do her Make Up too but also cut her brother Sean's hair with my eye lash scissors. Amazing Family!!!!!
kim and ruby

kim and paris
 When we would go out we got pretty crazy. One of my favorite memories was Cisco taking Rod's Holy Goblet out and using it for his drinks all night. I remember it being left on Sunset Blvd... due to Sean's car getting smashed into. I made sure it got home safe so Rod wouldn't find out it was missing!
darais, caroline, kim, and rod's holy goblet

cisco and the holy goblet

darais and kim

darais, kim, and paris

darais, aerobic stripper pole, cindy, and kim
I really enjoyed doing Kim's Make Up. I remember she gave me creative range. Just as long as she had Long Lashes and glowing skin. A lot of times I would do her make up and then she would jump in the bath without getting her face wet. It actually would soften the look a bit which I didn't mind on her. I loved soft blends of smoke and liner to bring out her beautiful eyes. Thanks for all the fun Kimberly... Love you!!!