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Saturday, January 15, 2011

AINT NO HOLLARBACK GIRL!!!! with Gwen Stefani

GWEN STEFANI is by far one of my favorite artists. When Make Up Artist and Friend Gabriel Geismar asked me to be part of the glam squad for the Music Video, Hollarback Girl, how could I say no? Spending a few days with Gwen and the extras was probably the most fun I have ever had on a set. I didn't do a whole lot of make up but did get to hang out and laugh a lot! Gwen signed the picture of us below. She is both sweet and beautiful... BANANAS!

darais and gwen
 The Harjuku girls had so much energy and were a lot of fun to talk to, dance with, and push around in shopping carts until one of them got cut.
darais and the harajuku girls

darais, gwen, and gabriel

make up artists gabriel and sutan
 After we were done filming in the grocery store we were aloud to take whatever we wanted home. I think I broke a bottle of wine trying to carry too much and Gwen was throwing fried pork rinds into my shopping cart! CLEAN UP ON AISLE 7!!!
i think this is when we fell in love

harajuku girls and gwen

The Music Video and song was a lot of fun and caught on SO FAST!!!!!! It was amazing to work under Gabriel and along side Sutan, Robyn, and Denika!!! Fun GLAM SQUAD! That's my shhhhhh...

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