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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fe... How to do a dark sparkle brown eye shadow

Hello Everyone! Meet the Beautiful Fe! I met her in Montclair California... real close to where my Grandfather went to art school. We had such a good time opening up her eyes and creating a dramatic look for both day or night. I loved how the brown metallic shadow showed of her eyes and also brought her hair color into the look.

Here is Fe with one eye only! I love how even lining the inner rim of the eye... the eye still looks bigger!
To get this look like Fe the products used were:
Eye Base: Aquatique Nude Eye Base
Liner: Black Coffee Eye Khol Pencil, Noir Artliner
Shadows: Kitten Heel (highlight), Click (crease), Impress (lid), Guest List (liner set and brow)
Brushes: 17 (highlight and crease), 18 dual end (lid and liner)
Mascara: Hypnose Drama

Thanks so much again Fe for sharing your look with everyone on here. I hope you got lots of great beautiful compliments at church. Keep up that great smile and making others feel good!


  1. This look is so beautiful, I am definitely trying this one :) Too bad we don't have Aquatique base in Europe :(

  2. It was really a learning experience, getting a first-hand lesson from the famous Make-Up Artist Darais. It was an experience to have come to get a face to face encounter with this famous artist. He is an expert in what he does & with a very pleasing attitude.