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Monday, January 31, 2011

BRADLEY COOPER... My Handsome Canvas!

Fall 2005 I started working events and shoots for New Line Cinema. I met Candice with New Line who is still to this day one of my favorite girls. Even though we started out working together, she is one of the ones I love to be with, not just at award shows and film festivals, but outside of work as well.

Fox picked up a new TV series through New Line called "Kitchen Confidential". It was staring Bradley Cooper, Nicolas Brendon, John Francis Daley, and Owain Yeoman. Candice at Newline hired me to do some MakeUp for the Men for The New York Magazine.

This shoot was lots of laughs and lots of fun... and I got along great with all the guys. It was most of fun to keep it minimal and keep it manly talking about guy liner.
My top 10 tips for Male MakeUp will follow.


  1. pretty cool things you get to do!...and have done!...this is your old friend Holly Beardall, now Hokanson. :) You really do amazing work, I love anytime I get to see you on t.v. or hear of someone you've worked with. SO exciting. I sure wish you lived closer, so I could have you try something new with me. I'm in a rut. I would love to look more glam somehow. Anyway, keep up the great work. :) We're friends on FB if you can ever say hi.

  2. HOLLY!!! The Super Tall Super Model from High School.... Every guy wanted you and those that didn't were just to intimidated to show it! ah ha ha... I miss you and hope you are well.