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Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween and good Morning all of you from MICHAEL PHELPS this year! ;)

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year... I am always dressing up... I just feel that at this time of the year... I get everyone to join in.

CONTEST!!! Send your Halloween makeup and or costume pics to

I will choose a winner based on makeup and creativity and the winner will receive a full bottle of VISIONNAIRE Serum $84.00 Value

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! to...
The winners of the "Here comes the Bride" contest each getting a MASCARA are Alison and Chelsea...

Halloween Pics will be posted below!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Amanda... How to do a Smoked out gun metal green glitter eye for night by Darais

Morning My Beauties!!! I wanted you all to get some smoke on those eyes this fall and holiday season. Everyone has more parties to go to and I thought that this look would be a great and flashy way to look the best. Trust me... you will stand out more than anyone else with All That Glitters!!!
I met Amanda in Arizona and we decided to smoke her eyes out with the least amount of steps as possible... It really was no mess, took seconds, and looked like diamonds!!!

Products you will need to get this amazing smoked out eye look:

Aquatique Nude Eye Base

Brushes 18 dual end (lid and liner) 17 blending (highlight and crease)

Eye Shadows All That Glitters (lid and lower liner) Madison Avenue (crease) Gaze (highlight) Fashion Label (liner)

Eye Liner Black Ebony Khol

Mascara Hypnose Doll Lash So Black!!!

Thanks Amanda and Thanks Christine for coming in to see me and learning some hot new tricks for your morning makeup!!!



Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hate Getting Older?... For some kids it's their only wish... Here is your one day to help

Okay everyone reading... I meet thousands of women a year that tell me they wish they wouldn't get any older... They hate their wrinkles... their age spots... what age has done to their skin. I can agree with them but always tell them that there really is only 1 other option... death. Age happens to most of us... us that are lucky and blessed.

I have had many encounters with children and teens with cancer and other illnesses that would love the chance to grow old... would love to get wrinkles from laughter, from smiling, from be reactivated away from a hospital bed. For many children this wont ever happen. Guess what everyone? NOW is your chance to reactivate a youth... and also the youth in your skin! We spend so much money on anti aging products... October 21st 2010 GENES DAY at LANCOME is finally your chance to make a change that day.

Genifique Youth Activating concentrate not only gives you younger looking skin in 7 days... but 7 dollars of every bottle sold this day will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. I use Genifique daily... It has kept me foundation free... Even when I am on High Definition TV. It makes my skin glow... Will make yours... and will Reactivate not only your Gene activity in the skin but the activity of a child in care at St Jude's.

Please go to any Lancome counter on October 21st and purchase this gift to you and a child.

0.67 fl. oz. $58.00

1.0 fl. oz. $78.00

1.7 fl. oz. $98.00

or go to to order yours this day!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Winnie... How to do a nude peach and brown daytime eye...and look like Kate Winslet

Good Morning My Makeup Call Girls!!! I want you all to meet Winnie! Her name is a nick name short for Winslet! LOL Just kidding but when I met her in Tucson Arizona I got a big time flash back to one of the times I was backstage with Kate Winslet and she was about to go on stage to give a speech and I was putting Juicy Tube lip gloss on her beautiful smile... She kept saying, "How Lovely!"
For this beautiful nude daytime look it can easily be achieved with very little product for the eyes. Think skin tone colors mixed with soft browns to create shadows on the contours of the eyes... Then use a soft grey set into the lash line softly to give a sweet simple yet soft lash line look. Hypnose Doll Lash Mascara can then take stage as your eyes look lifted and winged out!

Products used on Winnie's eyes:

Aquatique Nude Eye Shadow Base

Brush 18 Dual End (lid and liner), 17 Blending (crease)

Eye Shadows Must Have (lid) Waif (crease) Clock Strikes 12 (liner)

Mascara Hypnose Doll Lash So Black

It was a pleasure meeting you (kate's little sister) ;) and I am so glad I got to teach you and now even more of you how great a clean simple nude eye looks. Keep on making all you meet smile not only professionally but also with the sweet and "lovely" person that you are. XO

Monday, October 17, 2011

KISSABLE LIPS... Darais gets his tips in COSMO Magazine

Morning ladies!!! Who Wants Kissable lips?
Cosmopolitan found me out and asked me what my top tip is for kissing while having lip products on.

Check out up above where it reads about Kissable Lips:
"Lip Liners and marker like stains (our faves are at right) tint lips without the sticky residue. Plus, "they're budge-proof--perfect for nights when you may be kissing," says Lancome makeup artist Darais. Use one to fill in your lips, let pigment set for two minutes, then swipe on a clear balm to keep your mouth glossy and plump all night."

I'm always telling my nieces that the reason why girls where lip gloss is because then when they kiss they stick to the boys!!! After some kind of weary looks they still can't resist letting me shine up their cute lips!

One of my best friends in Arizona got married on Saturday so I put this to the test while doing her makeup. I knew that Brooke would be doing a lot of kissing so I used Lancome's Le Lipstique Lip Liner in Natural Mauve. This light pink pencil is waterproof, budge proof, kiss proof, I tell ladies this means they can kiss under water =) ha ha . After filling in the entire lip with the long lasting color I used a clear moisturizing non sticky gloss with a little shimmer just to give plumping hydration and shine without leaving a mess on the groom! Everytime I went to do touch ups I was happy to see the lip pencil still in place and a quick gloss touch up was all that was needed! I love you Brooke so much! xo

My top 5 colors in Le Lipstique by Lancome are:
Natural Mauve
Spiced Apple

Sunday, October 16, 2011

FALL 2011 TREND SHOW at NORDSTROM Fashion Square Arizona with DARAIS for LANCOME

Good Morning everyone and especially all my beauties attending the Trend Show at Nordstroms in Scottsdale Arizona! It was worth getting to Nordstrom at 6am for you to show you how to get that Doll Lash Trend that is so strong on the red carpets and among celebrities and designers this Fall 2011. Hope you enjoy our Morning Makeup Call Video!

Products used on my Doll model Julie
Visionnaire advanced skin corrector Wrinkles/Pores/Evenness
Teint Miracle Foundation
Translucence Mattifying Silky Pressed Powder
Natural Sunkiss Bronzer
Miel Glace Blush
Pink Envy 5 pan palette
Artliner Noir
Hypnose Doll Lash Mascara So Black!
Natural Mauve Lip Liner
Optical Rose LaLaque Fever Lipshine


OCT 22 Nordstrom Brea, CA
NOV 12 Nordstrom South Coast Plaza Costa Mesa, CA
NOV 19 Nordstrom Fashion Valley San Diego, CA

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Darais makeup on Singer Kari Kimmel at the Troubadour

My Favorite Voice Kari Kimmel had her Album Release for "GO" at the Troubadour in West Hollywood Tuesday night! What an amazing concert! I love you Kari and had so much fun getting you ready in small spaces and with a few cold beers... Check out our video below and also visit Kari at : download at itunes!!!!!!!!!!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Sarah Silverman... My Beautiful Canvas

Oscars 2010 and Sarah Silverman was in need of me to help her get ready to attend the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. I had a blast over at her place as we ordered Italian food, borrowed her neighbors iron and ironed her dress on the poker table, and got her glammed up for the big Oscar night out! I felt like we had always been friends as I worked with her. She really is not only one of the funniest but also the sweetest... yes Sarah I said it! LOVE YOU

On the red carpet Sarah's skin glowed with Genifique first illuminating the skin and then the new Teint Miracle foundation... She was one of the very first to ever get to try it. It looked flawless and was quite buildable. She kept telling me how she was in the mood lately for rosie rosie cheeks... I think we got it! Also found a great soft red lipstick in Red Stiletto put over a natural brown waterproof lip liner in Bronzelle... Lasted all night!

Eyes were kept softly sculpted with my favorite matte shades in Daylight, Positve, Waif and Chic. Artliner in Noir sleeked out her lashes along the top lash line and gave her a soft Hollywood glam look. All Lancome

You look incredible on the red carpet Sarah... Thanks for being my canvas and feeding me lasagna!!!