created by DARAIS (da-ray-iss) an Artist who found a life full of passion in the Art of Beauty...Obtainable by anyone who wants to empower themselves. "My canvas speaks to me as I paint proportion and balance to an unbalanced world. Everyone is a celebrity to me, some walk on red carpets, most walk on kid stained carpets!" This is not your morning wakeup call... But your Morning MakeUp Call!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010


First Day of School
I can still remember my first day of school. I can't believe I actually do but I think that it was when art came around and we got to roll snakes out of play-doh that I was finally in HEAVEN!!! Who would forget something like that! I remember in my kindergarten picture my older sister gave me some chewing gum that day and yep, sorry mom, you could see it right between my smile.

I found out in my art school projects that I was happiest when I was painting and creating.  I enjoyed art so much I was not only doing my art in school but doing art at home. I quickly became as my grandfather would say "A Walking Eye" and seeing everything in many different ways.

I won awards for photo contests, Reflection contest, and art shows. I loved writing poetry and even would find time while doing the dishes to make creative creatures. I remember one night my dad came home from work probably some time after midnight and woke me up to get a picture with my dish tower robot! He was impressed... I was tired!    The spatula arm is kindof impressive!

Beautiful Inside and Out

Monday, October 18, 2010

Before Kindergarten

My childhood up to school was full of creativity. My mom was sure of that. My Mom was always helping us with Art projects while doing some of her own. I remember every one of her cakes. As a kid they were magical and the most exciting part of our birthdays. One of my favorite ones she did was of Miss Piggy. I remember my fascination with the eyelashes and big red lips.

Miss Piggy cake
My Mom helped us make life size paper dolls and she even found time in her busy schedule to make us all our own dolls for Christmas.

we thought we could trick people with our paper dolls

my brother, my two sisters, and me Christmas morning

I almost didn't live long enough to go to school. My dad found me completely blue and not breathing when I was 5 laying on the couch on the warm clothes from the dryer. I remember how warm and white they were. I guess I was headed to a warm white place when my dad gave me CPR until the paramedics got there. I woke up in the hospital next to Snoopy and Winnie the Pooh.

my mom gave me lots of CPR after the fact

thanks dadio for saving my life

I was released from the hospital and lived to start school and paint.
me with my nurse

One Of My Greatest Teachers...My Papa!

My Grandfather, Alex Basil Darais was born in 1918. Both his parents were from Greece and moved to Venice California in 1916. My "Papa" as we all call him, grew up on the beaches of Venice and Santa Monica close to where I live today. He started painting and writing poetry there and graduated with a masters in Art in Southern California.

He met my Grandmother Norma in Santa Barbara. It was during WWII and the town was on blackout that night due to Japanese submarines off the coast.  After serving in the War he married my grandma and accepted a job at Brigham Young University as the Art Professor where he taught for over 30 years. He was my first and greatest art teacher to this day.

Alexander Basil Darais

My earliest memory of him teaching me was around the age of 9. I had entered a coloring contest at a local supermarket and the theme was Hawaii. My aunt had just returned from school there and I remember her helping me choose the crayola colors that best represented the islands. I won first place and the prize was 10 dollars! I remember it being the most money I had ever remembered having all at once.  On my way over to showing the prize to my Papa, my art teacher, I lost the 10 dollar bill. I remember being devastated and sick to my stomach. My Papa took me for a walk. He lived up on a hill over the University and we walked down to his classroom/studio on campus. It was there that I learned one of my greatest lessons. He had me write down my greatest passion in life. I wrote down ART. He then proceeded to teach me that money doesn't bring happiness, it just blurs your vision away from your passion. He told me that I was so focused on the money that I had forgotten all about the priceless art work that I had created to show him.  He told me that if I one day was lucky enough to have a job centered around ART that I would never work a day in my life and money or no money I would be truly happy. His self example was present his entire life. He lived his entire life doing what his passion was, Art, and Teaching Art. He showed me that money wasn't anything if you didn't enjoy what you were doing. He then reached into his wallet and gave me a 10 dollar bill. Even as a 9 year old kid, I could tell that he was and always will be the greatest teacher I will ever know. He was born to teach, not sell his art, money didn't matter to him as it does most. His poetry and paintings were later published in a book called "The Little Bird".

My Papa and YaYa

I remember when I was in 9th Grade I was doing an Art assignment. It was a portrait of Christ in charcoal. I had spent weeks on it and was patiently waiting my Papa to come give his opinion on my masterpiece.  The first thing he did was turn the picture upside down. He took a step back and studied it for a while. He then helped me discover, rather quickly, the proportions of the face were off, the unbalance, the lack of symmetry. Something that I never would have seen if I hadn't turned it upside down.
My grandpa started his classes with drawing a great big eye on the chalkboard with legs. It was his walking eye. This teaching all his students to always be observant and to look at things in more than 3, 4 or 5 ways. My Papa's next advice on the drawing was... "Start all over!"
I was hesitant. Very hesitant at first but I remembered the greatness that made him who he was and started completely over. The final portrait now hangs in my teachers house. I learned hidden lessons my entire life in art from my Papa.

When I was finished with School and deciding on careers and more education to gain I always remembered my grandfather's lesson and my passion being Art. I started working at an architectural firm and soon found out that It wasn't the way I enjoyed being creative. I left the firm and returned to Sundance Ski Resort, a place I worked all through highschool,  as I attended College.  Sundance is still to this day my spiritual place. There I was, back up there in the snow, on my snowboard, left to ponder my life's direction. My Papa was friends with Robert Redford, the owner, and even designed the Ski Sundance logo for him.
Sundance is only 15 minutes from my parents house and I still escape there every time I am home to visit.

Ski Sundance logo designed by: Alex Darais for Robert Redford

me at the top of Sundance

It was my Papa, who inspired me through that time, to paint faces. I remember him telling me that my canvas would talk back if I chose to paint faces. Something that many artists wish their canvas would do.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The start of my career...In a diaper and rubber pants!

As long as I could possibly remember, I have loved to create. In crayola at first, and paper on table, I along side my two older sisters, opened my first art gallery. Admission, I was later told, was 10 cents. My sweet mom went through 3 times so that each of us could earn a dime.

my two sisters, me, and the side of our house making us rich

I broadened my medium to a bowl of water, a toothbrush, and a big cement driveway at grandma and papa's house. However, in the hot summer sun the art didn't stick around for long.

I got my first set of watercolors and was free to paint on the cement...oh and race car boxes.

my first paint brush

It wasn't long after that I found out that you can paint anything. Even yourself!!! (sorry mom... more laundry to do, piling up, in those race car boxes)
my first body makeup

In the Beginning God created Man... named him Adam... What i get out of that, regardless of anyones beliefs, or my own... BE CREATIVE!!!

I was born in the mountains of Utah to a family of 4 in motion. Being the 5th addition to this young family was and still is my greatest gift I have ever been given. Having been created, by creative people in love, has all to do with who I am today. Meet my Mom and Dadio.

My Dadio, an Artist, son of an Artist standing 6 foot 6 was and always will be someone I will look up to (and that doesn't mean just in height).  His Art, not only expressed on paper and canvas, but mainly in wood work and design, has been present and appreciated, by me, my entire life. His strenght either in spirit, heart, or arm wrestle, will never be beat!!! Escpecially with Christmas wake up time on the line.

dadio and me

Mom, or other known as ,my Sweet Angel Cloud, standing in at only 5 foot 3 proves to all that the biggest things come in small packages. She is seriously the sweetest and strongest thing you will ever meet if so lucky! Her creativity in sewing, cake decorating, costuming, drawing, all while working full time with an ended up total of 6 kids in 11 years is just the tip of her iceberg that makes her perfect!
while dad built our house mom made us cakes for all our birhtdays

Hello Anyone and Everyone who has at least 5 minutes in the morning... This is your Morning MakeUp Call!

Hello! My name is Darais (da-ray-iss)...No one gets it right.  I am an Artist that gets to paint everyday. canvas, it talks back. I have just reached my 10 years as a professional MakeUp Artist and want to share with anyone and everyone, what I have learned.

Throughout this blog you will discover how I got my start. You will read where my passion came from and how I received the tools, from others, along the way.  You will discover how I turned that passion into "my" art form.  I have never been to a MakeUp school...I just teach  it now.  I will share with you tips and techniques and video that have helped woman at every age.  I meet around 6000 woman a year and share with them my time and talent. Everyone is a celebrity in my eyes and I will help you discover it.

I was taught art first, and have applied my knowledge with every brushstroke, to a 3Demensional canvas. 

The Face...what a beautiful canvas!

Welcome, Enjoy, and Learn!


                                          Me and Saleisha (Cycle 9 winner of ANTM) on a photo shoot