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Monday, October 11, 2010

In the Beginning God created Man... named him Adam... What i get out of that, regardless of anyones beliefs, or my own... BE CREATIVE!!!

I was born in the mountains of Utah to a family of 4 in motion. Being the 5th addition to this young family was and still is my greatest gift I have ever been given. Having been created, by creative people in love, has all to do with who I am today. Meet my Mom and Dadio.

My Dadio, an Artist, son of an Artist standing 6 foot 6 was and always will be someone I will look up to (and that doesn't mean just in height).  His Art, not only expressed on paper and canvas, but mainly in wood work and design, has been present and appreciated, by me, my entire life. His strenght either in spirit, heart, or arm wrestle, will never be beat!!! Escpecially with Christmas wake up time on the line.

dadio and me

Mom, or other known as ,my Sweet Angel Cloud, standing in at only 5 foot 3 proves to all that the biggest things come in small packages. She is seriously the sweetest and strongest thing you will ever meet if so lucky! Her creativity in sewing, cake decorating, costuming, drawing, all while working full time with an ended up total of 6 kids in 11 years is just the tip of her iceberg that makes her perfect!
while dad built our house mom made us cakes for all our birhtdays

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  1. Love it Brother and Love you! Excited to watch it grow... All us ladies will feel like we have a personal make up artist with us every day :)