created by DARAIS (da-ray-iss) an Artist who found a life full of passion in the Art of Beauty...Obtainable by anyone who wants to empower themselves. "My canvas speaks to me as I paint proportion and balance to an unbalanced world. Everyone is a celebrity to me, some walk on red carpets, most walk on kid stained carpets!" This is not your morning wakeup call... But your Morning MakeUp Call!

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Hello Anyone and Everyone who has at least 5 minutes in the morning... This is your Morning MakeUp Call!

Hello! My name is Darais (da-ray-iss)...No one gets it right.  I am an Artist that gets to paint everyday. canvas, it talks back. I have just reached my 10 years as a professional MakeUp Artist and want to share with anyone and everyone, what I have learned.

Throughout this blog you will discover how I got my start. You will read where my passion came from and how I received the tools, from others, along the way.  You will discover how I turned that passion into "my" art form.  I have never been to a MakeUp school...I just teach  it now.  I will share with you tips and techniques and video that have helped woman at every age.  I meet around 6000 woman a year and share with them my time and talent. Everyone is a celebrity in my eyes and I will help you discover it.

I was taught art first, and have applied my knowledge with every brushstroke, to a 3Demensional canvas. 

The Face...what a beautiful canvas!

Welcome, Enjoy, and Learn!


                                          Me and Saleisha (Cycle 9 winner of ANTM) on a photo shoot


  1. So excited to get all your tips! Wish I was still living in Tucson so I could come see you at the mall. This blog will have to do! And it looks great!

  2. amazing man..amazing artist. Talent, talent, talent. I am so happy I have seen your work close-up...a-maz-ing!