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Thursday, October 21, 2010


First Day of School
I can still remember my first day of school. I can't believe I actually do but I think that it was when art came around and we got to roll snakes out of play-doh that I was finally in HEAVEN!!! Who would forget something like that! I remember in my kindergarten picture my older sister gave me some chewing gum that day and yep, sorry mom, you could see it right between my smile.

I found out in my art school projects that I was happiest when I was painting and creating.  I enjoyed art so much I was not only doing my art in school but doing art at home. I quickly became as my grandfather would say "A Walking Eye" and seeing everything in many different ways.

I won awards for photo contests, Reflection contest, and art shows. I loved writing poetry and even would find time while doing the dishes to make creative creatures. I remember one night my dad came home from work probably some time after midnight and woke me up to get a picture with my dish tower robot! He was impressed... I was tired!    The spatula arm is kindof impressive!

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