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Monday, February 28, 2011


Los Angeles Mac Cosmetics Pro Store on Robertson Blvd. is where I called home for almost 4 years as a MakeUp Artist. It is here where walking turned into running, in my career. The Beautiful Artists that I worked along side with are still to this day some of the most talented group of artists I know. They not only knew great technique and skill but also could make me laugh out loud every day! I give them forever appreciation for teaching me along our path. I love that I still have most of you in my life... and the memories are forever!

favorite manager kim and darais

kim and darais

mary, kahiliana, darais

wendy ann and darais

amy and darais

alison and darais

darais, sutan, kim

waffa and darais

wendy ann, tanika, chris

denika and darais

darais and isabella


fara and darais

darais, kjord, seth

amy, waffa, darais


chris, rhonda, darais, amy, melissa, waffa

lucia and darais

waffa, darais, deanna

seth, alison, darais

lennor, seth, alison, darais

kim and lennor

I LOVE YOU ALL MY MAC PRO ARTISTS!!! I am still trying to find pictures of a few of you!

I was stolen from MAC by Lancome in the summer of 2006. I still to this day remember receiving a phone call from West Coast VP asking for a meeting with me... When the job as a National Celebrity MakeUp Artist for Lancome, the number 1 Luxury Brand in the World, was offered to me I took it with arms wide open and my heart full of sorrow to leave, but, overwhelemed with love and appreciation to MAC for getting me to this point in my career! Let the journey with LANCOME begin!

HOT like FIRE!

2006 and I was nearing my end at the MAC Pro store in Los Angeles. The last month I was there I had appointments with 3 beauties who were going to a FIREFIGHTERS BALL! I did their makeup but couldn't stop there. It was fun adding some HOT FLAMES to them to make them even more HOT! Random I know but I held on to the pictures just for fun!

I used red feathers around the eyes for 3D effects! Kind of cool... I mean Hot!


Friday, February 25, 2011

JILL WAGNER My Most Beautiful Canvas and Best Friend... Really!!!

Actress JILL WAGNER and I met back in 2006 when I did her makeup for the Red Carpet at the People's Choice Awards. It was LOVE at first sight... well for me... and lets just say I was kind of like a mushroom fungus and grew on her... She is now my best Friend and will always be my favorite face to paint! FOREVER Jill you are on of the most Talented persons I know and also one of only the few that will never let HOLLYWOOD bite them!!!

Weather driving the road to Hana (HELL) in Maui or going out for our weekly date night Jill, Home is wherever I'm with you!

My MakeUp started here with Jill for the Peoples Choice Awards. I knew her from MTV's Punked. Jill was there for a TV Show on Spike TV called Blade. She will always be my favorite Vampire! BITE ME so that I can do your makeup forever!

When Jill got the Host on ABC's WIPEOUT I knew that It wouldn't be long before I was playing on those big red balls and also being a occasional guest MakeUp Artist for the show when Mary wasn't available. I have never cringed nor laughed so hard... oh wait... that's a typical night out with you Jill!

One of my favorite nights was out with Jill and my makeup on her birthday.
Everyone thought I was the Lead Singer to the Red Hot Chili Peppers Anthony Kiedis
It was amazing when you took my big shiny belt buckle off and used it to touch up your lipstick before hitting the SkyBar! You are the most Gorgeous girl ever Jill!
We had a photo shoot where we did each others makeup! I pounded her here! HA

Thanks for painting on my scruff Jill!
We have these Random nights when we get in the mode to dress up and go out to new places. We both felt the need to deck out in 80's Glam Rock and it was on. I wore her moms shirt and made us Bling Rock with the makeup.
You are my prom Queen and I am your King!
We ended up at some club where they were having Sassy Prom... Our Prom Picture was by far the hottest!
I love to paint not only on the face and decided to paint Jill on the beach in Maui using Acrylic, Pencil, and Sand. I gave it to her on her 30th Birthday!

Jill does a lot of charity event and came to this one to help support one of Lancome's causes and also one she introduced me to.

Halloween is never boring and always a lot of makeup with Jill Wagner!
Jem is Truly Outrageous!!!
And who knew that Synergy the worlds Smartest Computer would show up! SHOW TIME SYNERGY!!!!
Theme night with our favorite thing to eat for dinner... olives with our dirty martinis!!!

Jill was going to the ESPY's and the Transformers premier... I had Jerell Scott Dress her for both and I put her and her friend Laura's Face on for the Red Carpets.

Jill, You are The biggest reason I stay in LA. You know me better than anyone else and I appreciate the way you love me and take care of me. You make me laugh too much, spoil me and are too DAMN Beautiful! Thanks for letting me hold your hand often and paint your face!

I have done lots of professional photo shoots with Jill for print and for magazine... I will post them soon!

Jill Made the best MakeUp Video for my Niece Lexie for her 14th Birthday!
I love the Beauty tip she shares! This eye Rules... This eye Sucks!!!

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