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Saturday, February 12, 2011


I first met Logan Neitzel up in Seattle on capital hill through good friends Tanya, Caroline, Matt, and Joel. I fell in love with his fashion, his passion, and attitude on life and creativity. It wasn't long after, that the world, including all the models on Project Runway fell in love with him too.

Today I was able to go to his New York Fashion Week Show on Wall Street. His hard work, and lack of sleep, amazed me, photographers and viewers conveyed from the models featuring his collection.

The amount of work put into this collection is hard to describe. Every stitch was in Logans control. He came out to take a deep breath at the show with a needle still in his hand. Thanks Logan for letting me admire your art work. You are a true friend that inspires me! I can't wait to do makeup for one of your shows!
logan and darais



  1. this is so nice!! wish i was there. xoxo

  2. True and touching words. Thanks so much for coming, Darais. :)

  3. I loved reading this. Logan is such a great and hardworking artist...I couldn't agree more with what you said. love to both of you.