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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jenny... How to do Dramatic Green Eye Shadow by: Darais

Meet the Beautiful Beauty of the Week Jenny. I met her at Bloomingdale's in Santa Monica. She was my first appointment of the day and I decided to spoil her and teach her something she has always wanted to try... just was too scared to. GREEN EYE SHADOW!!!

Below is the complete step-by-step video to see how we did the other eye to match!

Here is Jenny with one eye done. Amazing how we can wear color as long as it is applied in a way to make you look prettier. It's all about the blend and also placement. You will almost never see me using green eye shadow in the crease... It one of the things that bug me the most in beauty. I wanted to show all of you my favorite way to wear green this spring!
Products needed to achieve this eye look...
Brushes: #2 Foundation, # 17 Blending, #18 Dual Ended Brush
Liners: Black Ebony Khol, Black Lapis Khol, Artliner in Noir
Eye Shadows: The New Black, Snap, Montage, Fashion Forward, and Gaze
Mascara:Virtuose Black

So Damn Gorgeous!!! And this is a day look for her! I love your Style Jenny, your Energy, and your Red Boots! Can't wait to see you again and teach you something new. Now everyone is going to want to look like you using green! You Rock!



  1. Great tutorial! I've always wanted to try green (or any other bright color), but was afraid of channeling Mimi. Glad you did the step-by-step for Tran too, since you did a similar look for me. Wish I had a vid of that day - you helped me conquer my makeup fears :)

  2. That's awesome Em,
    I hope that you can come in and we will conquer another look for you some day... Maybe with my camera even! Thanks for your comment!