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Saturday, March 5, 2011

KRISTEN BELL... My Beautiful Canvas


I met Kristen Bell, who I couldn't love more, in January 2007. She came into the Jane house up in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival. I was there with Lancome and Jane Magazine to do a magazine spread called "BUSTED" Asking Celebirites, "What's your crime?"

What was Kristen's crime? Road Rage & Bad Driving!!! You couldn't tell by how sweet and uplifting she was in my chair... I was a little scared to find out at the airport as her and her boyfriend and I waited for our flight home together, that she in fact was my neighbor... on my streets... in my neighborhood... so with that confession... I moved! HA HA!!

Kristen's MakeUp was so damn easy... she is so beautiful. The eyes I kept really soft in similar technique as in my Beauty of the Week Nancy post... minus the eye liner. Her skin was so soft and smooth and required very little to make it look flawless! Her tone was even soft and perfect! I glammed her up with a strong signature "Plastic Cheek" of mine and gave her lots of moisture that was needed in the dry Utah Mountains... where I grew up!

LOVE IT... and laughed so hard when I saw shortly after Sundance, Forgetting Sarah Marshall! Kristen I knew your personality rocked but I had no idea you were THAT funny... and that flexible!!!


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