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Sunday, March 6, 2011


SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL 2007 was one of my favorite events to be at. Here I was back where I grew up and worked for 5 years. I felt at home but this time as a MakeUp Artist and without my snowboard! Lancome teamed up with Jane Magazine and rented out a huge cabin in Deer Valley, UT to do a photoshoot spread with Celebs Confessing their shamful secrets and nasty habits! BUSTED!!! Mine above was obviously Lancome!

Total I got to do makeup on some of my favorite actors! Ellen Page was the first one in my chair.... LOVE Juno, and it was like I was in the movie while talking and working with her, Kristen Bell, John Hensley, Ryan Reynolds needed my help to make him cry for his photo, Scott Speedman, Zoe Cassavetes and even James Franco! The Boys didn't need much. The Photographer Kenneth Cappello was great to work with and so was fellow Makeup Artists Ross Burton and Natalie Nelson. I also got one of my, best friend/ex girlfriend, Jax Lloyd there to do Hair!

It was amazing to listen to Mandy Moore sing during sound check that day and to talk with her. Amazing and sweet she is and her concert that night was Awesome! Thanks Mandy for being a part of it!
Will Always Love Sundance and even more now!

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