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Thursday, December 16, 2010


March 2004, I was hired for America's Next Top Model Cycle 2 Season Finale. It was hosted at the Key Club on Sunset Blvd. I remember how much I wanted Yoanna House to win and she did. I was so glad to be there and celebrate with her and Tyra. Tyra was so nice to me. I don't know if she believed me when I told her that night that I was going to be doing MakeUp on her show one day... I wasn't happy just doing the MakeUp at the party. You know me... I want to do it all.
I had a lot of fun with all the girls that night and also with Pauly Shore...even if I do look a little scared by what he was's cause I kind of was.


  1. Hi Darais! Thanks for helping me achieve the makeup looks I wanted :) I am trying to send you another picture, including the one I took with you in Brea, but I don's see how to leave an attachment :/

  2. That was a blast to see you at Brea! Thanks for braving that parking lot! find me on Facebook Darais Adam Christopher and once we are friends you can tag me in it!